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点 Japanese Kanji for spot

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spot, point, mark, speck, decimal point

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
つ.ける(tsu.keru) つ.く(tsu.ku) た.てる(ta.teru) さ.す( とぼ.す( とも.す( ぼち(bochi)
Radical: (86)
Usage Rating:165
old JLPT:2
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点 Usage examples

紅一(こういってん)the lone woman (e.g. bright flower) in a group
変曲(へんきょくてん)inflection point
臨界(りんかいてん)critical point (temperature)
(してん)dead point
可の評(かのひょうてん)grade C, Passable
(けんてん)circle (for emphasis)
先取を挙げる(せんしゅてんをあげる)to score the first point
が辛い(てんがからい)severe in marking
good on (a certain) point
検済み(てんけんずみ)checked up, inspection completed
数を稼ぐ(てんすうをかせぐ)to score points with (a person)
と線(てんとせん)points and lines
を打つ(てんをうつ)to mark with a dot (point)
電灯をける(でんとうをつける)to turn (switch) on an electric lamp
灯をける(ひをつける)to turn on the light
to get full marks
問題の(もんだいのてん)point in dispute
に触れる(ようてんにふれる)to come to the point, to touch on the point, to address the main points
(レてん)mark showing character order in Chinese texts, tick mark
(いおりてん)part alternation mark (symbol indicating the following words are taken from a song or that the person saying the words is singing), Unicode U+303D symbol
(とくてんけん)scoring position, with runners on second and-or third base
(あんてん)scotoma, scotomatous
観測地(かんそくちてん)observation point (site)
基準(きじゅんてん)point of reference, reference point
合格(ごうかくてん)passing mark, qualifying marks (score)
(さいてんひょう)list of marks, list of grades
作用(さようてん)point of action (e.g. of a lever)
距離(しょうてんきょり)focal length (distance)
深度(しょうてんしんど)depth of focus
相似(そうじてん)point of likeness (between), resemblance, similarity
妥協(だきょうてん)(find) common (meeting) ground
(おてまえ)etiquette of tea-ceremony, dexterity, artistry, ingenuity
持ち(もちてん)points (already) allotted to one, points (already) gained (in earlier rounds)
(はいてん)allotment (allocation) of marks
スクランブル交差(スクランブルこうさてん)scramble intersection, pedestrian scramble, X-crossing, diagonal crossing, intersection allowing pedestrians to cross simultaneously in any direction
モル沸上昇(モルふってんじょうしょう)molar elevation
(てんちゃく)spot application, dispensing a drop or spot of something
生産拠(せいさんきょてん)production base
販売時情報管理システム(はんばいじてんじょうほうかんりシステム)point-of-sale system, POS
溶接打(ようせつだてん)welding point
滴穿石(てんてきせんせき)constant dripping wears away the stone, little strokes fell great oaks, limited strength, when persistently applied, can accomplish great feats
返読(へんどくてん)word-order marks used to assist reading of Chinese classics
改善(かいぜんてん)points needing improvement, problem areas
円形交差(えんけいこうさてん)roundabout, traffic circle, rotary
一画(いってんいっかく)(not neglecting) the slightest details
栄養満(えいようまんてん)highly nourishing (nutritious), earning top marks nutrition-wise
主義(げんてんしゅぎ)demerit (points-off) system
検商法(てんけんしょうほう)an unscrupulous business practice of making sales by posing as an inspector and declaring the need for replacing items