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kanji list - Grade 3

Japanese school grade 3 kanji group. There are about 200 kanji characters that are taught in grade 3 at Japanese schools.

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bad, vicerelax, cheapdarkness, disappearcommittee, entrust toidea, minddoctor, medicinebring up, grow upemployee, memberdrink, smokeInst., institutioncarry, luckswimstationcenter, middlesideways, sideroof, housewarmchange, take the form ofbaggage, shoulder-pole loadworld, boundaryopen, unfoldstorey, staircoldemotion, feelingChina, Chinesebuilding, mansionbeachperiod, timerouse, wake upguest, visitorShinto shrine, constellationshurry, emergencyball, sphereresearch, studyclass, rankgone, pastbridgebusiness, vocationbureau, boardbend, musicsilverward, districtsuffering, trialtool, utensilmister, youperson in charge, connectionlightly, triflingdecide, fixblood (radical 143)polish, study ofprefecturewarehouse, storehouselakeyonder, facinghappiness, blessingharbornickname, numberroot, radicalritual, offer prayersslope, inclinedish (radical 108)attend, doing使use, send on a missioncommence, beginfinger, point todeath, diepoem, poetrytooth, cogmatter, thinghold, havenext, orderstyle, ceremonyreality, truthcopy, be photographedsomeone, personlord, chieftake, fetchguard, protectsake, alcoholaccept, undergostate, provincepick up, gatherend, finishlearngather, meetdwell, resideheavy, heap up宿inn, lodgingplacesultry, hothelp, rescuevictory, winmake a deal, sellingshining, brightextinguish, blow outbadge, chapterride, powerplantdeep, heightenhave the honor to, sign of the monkeytrue, realitygods, mindadvance, proceedgeneration, worldorganize, arrangingonce upon a time, antiquitywhole, entireconcept, thinkinter-, mutualescort, sendbreath, respirationquick, fasttribe, familyother, anotherstrike, hitvis-a-vis, oppositewait, depend onsubstitute, changeNo., residencetopic, subjectcharcoal, coalshort, brevitydiscuss, talkdon, arrivepillar, postpour, irrigatestreet, wardnotebook, account book調tune, tonechase, drive awaydetermine, fixcourtyard, gardenflute, clarinetironrevolve, turn aroundascend, climb upmetropolis, capitaldegrees, occurrenceislandthrow, discardhot water, bathetc., and so forthbean (radical 151)move, motionjuvenile, childagriculture, farmerswaves, billowsdistribute, spousedouble, twicebox, chestdeparture, dischargeanti-plank, boardgrieve, sadpelt, skinbeauty, beautifulnose (radical 209)writing brush, writingicicle, icesurface, tableill, sicksecond (1/60 minute)goods, refinementdefeat, negativesection, bureauclothing, admitblessing, fortunething, objecteven, flatreturn, answerexertion, endeavourset free, releaseflavor, tastefate, commandmask, face (radical 176)question, askduty, warmedicine, chemicaloil, fatpossess, havewherefore, a reasonplaybeforehand, previousEsq., wayocean, western stylesheep (radical 123)leaf, planesunshine, yang principlefall, dropcurrent, a sinktrip, travelboth, old Japanese coingreensalute, bowfile, rowpractice, glosspath, routeharmony, Japanese style