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kanji list - Grade 6

Japanese school grade 6 kanji group. There are about 180 kanji characters that are taught in grade 6 at Japanese schools.

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uncommon, differentbequeath, leave behindrange, regioneaves, roofreflect, reflectionprolong, stretching沿run alongside, follow alongego, Iashes, puckery juicebroaden, extendtower, tall buildingskin, reformproportion, comparativelystocks, stumpscroll, volumedry, parchwatch over, seesimplicity, brevitydangerous, fearbrandish, wavedesk, tableprecious, valuedoubt, distrustsuck, imbibesubmit, offerbosom, breasthome town, villagediligence, become employedmuscle, sinewawe, respectlineage, systemadmonish, commandmentdrama, playviolent, get excitedhole, apertureconstitution, lawauthority, powersilkstern, strictnesssource, origincall, call out toself (radical 49)mistake, errempress, queenemperorcrimson, deep redsteeldescend, precipitateengrave, cut finecereals, grainskeleton, remainsquandary, become distressedsandsquat, seatfinish, come to an endtailor, judgescheme, plantome, counter for bookssilkworm姿figure, formprivate, Iclimax, result ininspection, regard aspart of speech, wordsdocument, recordsmagnet, porcelainshoot, shine intodiscard, throw awayshaku, Japanese footyoung, iftimber, treesincome, obtainreligion, sectconcerning, settlemasses, great numbersaccompany, obeyvertical, lengthshrink, contractmellow, ripengenuine, puritydispose, managesignature, govt officevarious, manyexclude, division (x/3)wound, hurtleader, commanderhinder, hurtcastlesteam, heatneedle, pinhumanity, virtuedroop, suspendconjecture, infermeasurement, tenth of a shakuboom, prosperholy, saintsincerity, admonishproclaim, sayspecialty, exclusivespring, fountainwash, inquire intodye, colorvirtuous, goodgenesis, woundplay music, speak to a rulerstratum, social classmaneuver, manipulatewindow, paneattire, dressentrails, viscerastorehouse, hideexist, supposerevered, valuablehome, houseshouldering, carrygrope, searchnativity, be bornwarmthgrade, stepsprice, costmid-air, airloyalty, fidelityrenowned, publishgovernment officetide, salt waterplace on the head, receivefare, feepain, hurtunfold, expandparty, factionsugarchastise, attackdeliver, reachdifficult, impossiblemilk, breastsacknowledge, witnesssettlement, obtainbrain, memoryfaction, grouphaiku, actorworship, adorestature, heightlungssquad, corpsnightfall, nightnegate, nocriticism, strikesecret, concealabdomen, bellystirred up, be invigoratedrow, andclosed, shuthighness, steps (of throne)one-sided, leafsupplement, supplytreasure, wealthcall on, visitdeceased, the lateforgetrod, sticksheet of..., counter for flat thin objects or sheetscurtain, buntingsecrecy, density (pop)alliance, oathimitation, copytranslate, reasontenderness, excelmail, stagecoach stopinfancy, childhoodlonging, covetousnessthe following, nextriot, waregg, ovumperusal, seeback, amidstrhythm, lawlook to, facemelodious, clearargument, discourse