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識 : Discriminating

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discriminating, know, write

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
し.る( しる.す(
さと(sato) さとる(satoru)
Radical: (149)
Usage Rating:496
old JLPT:2
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識 Usage examples

職業意(しょくぎょういしき)professional sense
(しきいき)threshold of consciousness
張る(けんしきばる)to assume an air of importance
(しきご)preface, editors note, postscript
に欠ける(じょうしきにかける)to lack in common sense
(ちしきそう)the intellectual class
の泉(ちしきのいずみ)source of knowledge
を蓄える(ちしきをたくわえる)to gain knowledge
(ろくしき)six consciousnesses (i.e. functions of the six sense organs: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and reasoning)
言語知(げんごちしき)knowledge of language
家族意(かぞくいしき)sense of family
科学知(かがくちしき)scientific knowledge
帰属意(きぞくいしき)(a feeling of) identification (with), sense of belonging
参加意(さんかいしき)sense of participation
別力(しきべつりょく)ability to discriminate or discern, (powers of) discrimination or discernment
(じょうしきか)sensible person
(じょうしきじん)straightforward (plain) common-sense man
専門的知(せんもんてきちしき)expert (technical) knowledge, expertise
対抗意(たいこういしき)(sense of) rivalry, competitiveness
体系(ちしきたいけい)body of knowledge
仲間意(なかまいしき)feeling of fellowship, fellow feeling
(ひょうしきとう)beacon light
軟判定別器(なんはんていしきべつき)soft-decision discriminator
無認(むにんしき)unrecognized, unrecognised, lack of recognition
安全標(あんぜんひょうしき)safety mark
の流れ(いしきのながれ)stream of consciousness
一般(いしきいっぱん)transcendental appreciation
障害(いしきしょうがい)disturbance of consciousness
喪失(いしきそうしつ)loss of consciousness
豆知(まめちしき)trivia, bits of knowledge
移動加入者別番号(いどうかにゅうしゃしきべつばんごう)International Mobile Subscriber Identity, IMSI
軽度認障害(けいどにんしきしょうがい)mild cognitive impairment, MCI
を失う(いしきをうしなう)to lose consciousness
者評論(しきしゃひょうろん)a word from the wise
経験者(ゆうしきけいけんしゃ)knowledgeable and experienced person
過剰(いしきかじょう)hyperconsciousness, too great a sense (of), letting imagination run away with one
転換(いしきてんかん)change in mentality, adjusting psychologically to shifting circumstances
変革(いしきへんかく)radical change in mentality, radical change in consciousness
朦朧(いしきもうろう)being in a hazy state, being only half conscious, feeling dopey
一行知(いちぎょうちしき)one-line fact, one-line information, information (explanation) provided in a few scanty words
学閥意(がくばついしき)the old school tie
現実認(げんじつにんしき)accepting (acknowledging) the reality
贖罪意(しょくざいいしき)sense of atonement
選民意(せんみんいしき)sense of being the chosen people
苦手意(にがていしき)awareness that somebody will be hard to deal with, awareness that one is not good at something, (feeling) not up to doing something
博学多(はくがくたしき)erudition and extensive knowledge
多才(はくしきたさい)wide knowledge and versatile talents, profound learning and varied attainments
博覧多(はくらんたしき)erudition and extensive knowledge, widely-read and well-informed
身分意(みぶんいしき)status consciousness
無学無(むがくむしき)illiterate and ignorant, uneducated and lacking in wisdom and discernment
名僧知(めいそうちしき)great (learned) priest, celebrated priest who has attained spiritual enlightenment
悪知(あくちしき)bad friend (who leads one away from Buddhism)
音声認(おんせいにんしき)voice recognition, speech recognition
誤認(ごにんしき)misrecognition, mistaking (x for y)
交通標(こうつうひょうしき)traffic sign