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kanji Top 200

Top 200 kanji based on usage frequency rating

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day, sun one (radical 1) country meeting, meet person, human radical (no. 9) year, counter for years large, big ten (radical 24) two (radical 7) book, present in, inside long, leader exit, leave three same, agree time, hour politics, government matter, thing oneself (radical 132) going, carry out company, firm see, hopes month, moon (radical 74) deliberation, consultation behind, back in front, before people, nation life, genuine take along, lead five departure, discharge interval, space vis-a-vis, opposite above, up section, bureau east someone, person party, faction ground, earth fit, suit market, city business, vocation inside, within inter-, mutual direction, person four determine, fix now -times, round new location, place gold (radical 167) employee, member nine enter, insert elect, select rise, stand (radical 117) open, unfold hand rice (radical 119) power, strength study, learning question, ask tall, expensive substitute, change bright, light reality, truth circle, yen connection, barrier decide, fix child, sign of the rat move, motion capital, 10**16 whole, entire eye, class surface, table war, battle sutra, longitude traffic, pass through outside utmost, most say (radical 149) family name, surname present, existing logic, arrangement 調tune, tone body, substance change, take the form of rice field (radical 102) hit, right eight (radical 12) six promise, approximately lord, chief topic, subject below, down neck (radical 185) idea, mind method, law negative, non- come, due make, production sex, gender need, main point utilize, business system, law reign, be at peace degrees, occurrence task, duties strong spirit, mind little, small (radical 42) seven turn into, become period, time public, prince hold, have plains, field co-, cooperation take, fetch metropolis, capital harmony, Japanese style overall, relationship by means of, because loom, mechanism even, flat general, whole add, addition mountain (radical 46) think house, home tale, talk generation, world accept, undergo ward, district jurisdiction, dominion many, frequent prefecture continue, series advance, proceed correct, justice relax, cheap establishment, provision protect, guarantee reformation, change number, strength scribe, account Inst., institution woman, female (radical 38) first time, beginning north noon, sign of the horse finger, point to authority, power heart, mind world, boundary branch, support No., residence products, bear tie, bind hundred faction, group spot, point teach, faith report, news finish, come to an end write borough, urban prefecture lively, resuscitation meadow, original before, ahead together, both gain, get unravel, notes name, noted mingle, mixing assets, resources beforehand, previous stream, river yonder, facing occasion, side investigate victory, win mask, face (radical 176) committee, entrust to revelation, tell army, force sentence, literature anti- beginning, former time heavy, heap up near, early thousand consider, think over judgement, signature acknowledge, witness brush-stroke, picture sea, ocean nonplussed, three (in documents) sell