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勢 : Forces

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forces, energy, military strength

On 'yomi:
セイ(sei) ゼイ(zei)
Kun 'yomi:
いきお.い(ikio.i) はずみ(hazumi)
Radical: (19)
Usage Rating:260
old JLPT:2
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勢 Usage examples

(ゆんぜい)strength needed to pull back a bow
(たいせい)posture, stance
いを振るう(いきおいをふるう)to wield power, to exercise authority
外国(がいこくぜい)(group of) foreigners
to diminish (dampen) the spirit
(きんせい)uniformity, balance (equilibrium) of power
獅子奮迅の(ししふんじんのいきおい)irresistible force
姿を正す(しせいをただす)to straighten oneself
自然の(しぜんのいきおい)natural tendency, natural course of events, force of circumstances
(しょうせい)(favorable) odds
徳川(とくがわぜい)Tokugawa forces
国際情(こくさいじょうせい)international situation
価格(じっせいかかく)market price
世界情(せかいじょうせい)world situation, world affairs
前傾姿(ぜんけいしせい)forward-bent posture
軍事攻(ぐんじこうせい)military offensive
経済情(けいざいじょうせい)economic climate
雇用情(こようじょうせい)employment situation
臨戦態(りんせんたいせい)war preparation
力伯仲(せいりょくはくちゅう)(the two sides) being evenly-matched in influence or power
武装(ぶそうせいりょく)armed group, armed insurgents
協力態(きょうりょくたいせい)readiness to cooperate, framework for cooperation
逆転(けいせいぎゃくてん)the situation reverses itself, the table is turned, the shoe is on the other foot
不利(けいせいふり)situation (turn of events) being unfavorable (disadvantageous)
有利(けいせいゆうり)situation (turn of events) being favorable (advantageous)
防御(こうせいぼうぎょ)attack as a form of defense, attacking (active) defense
感覚(じせいかんかく)sense of the trend of the times, sensitivity to the changing times
数的優(すうてきゆうせい)superiority in number, numerical superiority
政治姿(せいじしせい)political stance
力関係(せいりょくかんけい)power relations, balance of power (between)
力拮抗(せいりょくきっこう)struggle for supremacy between evenly-matched forces (parties)
力圏内(せいりょくけんない)within the sphere of influence (of)
力分野(せいりょくぶんや)the respective (relative) strength of political parties, distribution of the number of parliamentary seats held by each of the political parties
宣伝攻(せんでんこうせい)propaganda campaign (offensive), advertising (promotional) offensive
対決姿(たいけつしせい)confrontational attitude (stance, posture)
順応(たいせいじゅんのう)conformism, following the crowd, swimming with the tide, me-tooism
退挽回(たいせいばんかい)restoring the declining fortunes, recovering from the discouraging situation, reversing the downward trend
反対(はんたいせいりょく)forces of opposition, opposing forces, counterforce
を張る(きょせいをはる)to bluff, to act brave
乞食(いせこじき)beggars at Ise Grand Shrine (expression used to deride stingy people from Ise)
テト攻(テトこうせい)Tet Offensive (North Vietnamese offensive launched in January 1968)
力均衡(せいりょくきんこう)balance of power
姿反射(しせいはんしゃ)postural reflex
コンプレックス(きょせいコンプレックス)castration complex
警備態(けいびたいせい)security measures
に無(たぜいにぶぜい)to be outnumbered (i.e. in a military context)
手術(きょせいしゅじゅつ)castration (operation)
治安情(ちあんじょうせい)security situation