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選 : Elect

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elect, select, choose, prefer

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
Radical: (162)
Usage Rating:57
old JLPT:2
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選 Usage examples

ばれる(えらばれる)to be elected
上手に(じょうずにえらぶ)to make a good choice
挙に出る(せんきょにでる)to run for election
挙を控えて(せんきょをひかえて)with the election around the corner
対本部(せんたいほんぶ)election headquarters
に入る(せんにはいる)to be selected, to be chosen
都議(とぎせん)Tokyo Assembly elections
控え(ひかえせんしゅ)substitute player, reserve
名作(めいさくせん)selection of masterpieces
良い日を(よいひをえらぶ)to choose a lucky (auspicious) day
参院(さんいんせん)House of Councillors election, upper house election
競輪(けいりんせんしゅ)(professional) keirin cyclist
公職挙法(こうしょくせんきょほう)Public Office Election Law
市長(しちょうせんきょ)mayoral election
世界手権(せかいせんしゅけん)world (an international) championship (title)
挙公報(せんきょこうほう)official gazette for elections
挙民(せんきょみん)voters, electorate
考委員会(せんこういいんかい)selection committee, screening committee, nomination committee
考基準(せんこうきじゅん)criterion (criteria) for selection
手権試合(せんしゅけんじあい)title match, championship bout
手権大会(せんしゅけんたいかい)championship series
(とくせんひん)choice goods
野球(やきゅうせんしゅ)baseball player, ballplayer
(らくせんしゃ)unsuccessful candidate
(けっせん)final election, run-off
挙区(しょうせんきょく)small electoral district, single-member constituency
(せん)selection, choice, choosing, picking, election
(こうせんしゅ)strong or skillful person, good player
オープン手権(オープンせんしゅけん)open competition
クローン択説(クローンせんたくせつ)clonal selection theory
参議院(さんぎいんせんきょ)House of Councillors election
市長村長(しちょうそんちょうせんきょ)mayoral election
市長町長(しちょうちょうちょうせんきょ)mayoral election
自由契約(じゆうけいやくせんしゅ)free agent
挙ポスター(せんきょポスター)campaign poster
挙運動資金(せんきょうんどうしきん)campaign fund
挙集会(せんきょしゅうかい)campaign rally
挙人登録(せんきょにんとうろく)voter registration
択的セロトニン再取り込み阻害薬(せんたくてきセロトニンさいとりこみそがいやく)selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, SSRI
州議会(しゅうぎかいせんきょ)state or provincial election
州議(しゅうぎせん)state or provincial election
りすぐる(よりすぐる)to choose the best
民意識(せんみんいしき)sense of being the chosen people
圏内(とうせんけんない)(having a) good chance of being elected (winning) (in an election)
(ほんせんきょ)original selection
(せんじ)election time, election period
期差(きさせんにん)staggered terms (applied to corporate directors as a defensive measure against hostile takeovers)
総裁(そうさいせん)presidential election
(ほせん)bye-election, by-election
確実(とうせんかくじつ)projected to win, sure to be elected, home free
挙区比例代表並立制(しょうせんきょくひれいだいひょうへいりつせい)electoral system comprised of single-seat constituencies and proportionally represented multiple-seat constituencies
首相公(しゅしょうこうせんせい)system allowing for election of the prime minister by popular vote
挙人名簿(せんきょにんめいぼ)voter registration list, electoral register
永久挙人名簿(えいきゅうせんきょにんめいぼ)permanent voter registration list