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総 : General

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general, whole, all, full, total

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
す.べて(su.bete) すべ.て(sube.te) ふさ(fusa)
うさ(usa) ずさ(zusa)
Radical: (120)
Usage Rating:129
old JLPT:2
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総 Usage examples

警視(けいしそうかん)Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police
毛立つ(そうけだつ)to get goosebumps, to shudder
状花序(そうじょうかじょ)racemous inflorescence, raceme
二階(そうにかい)full two-story house
先の理大臣(さきのそうりだいじん)former prime minister
当たり戦(そうあたりせん)round robin event
監督(そうかんとく)general manager
務局(そうむきょく)General Affairs Bureau
予算(そうよさん)complete budget
領息子(そうりょうむすこ)eldest son
合科学(そうごうかがく)integrated science (i.e. collaboration of various sciences and arts), (a) synthetic science
合口座(そうごうこうざ)savings account, deposit account
務課(そうむか)general affairs section
投票(とうひょうそうすう)total number of votes cast
年次(ねんじそうかい)annual general meeting, AGM
インド(インドそうとく)Viceroy of India
務省(そうむしょう)Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (formerly Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications)
(そうけん)general research, total research
韓国合株価指数(かんこくそうごうかぶかしすう)Korea Composite Stock Price Index, KOSPI
時価(じかそうがく)market capitalization, market capitalisation, market cap
合デジタル通信網(そうごうデジタルつうしんもう)integrated services digital network, ISDN
資本利益率(そうしほんりえきりつ)return on assets, ROA
負債(ふさいそうがく)aggregate amount of indebtedness
じて(そうじて)as a whole, all in all, altogether, summing it up
個人別当り(こじんべつそうあたり)hypothetical rule allowing match-ups between wrestlers regardless of their stable affiliation
一門別当り(いちもんべつそうあたり)obsolete rule prohibiting match-ups between wrestlers from the same group of stables
家族別当り(かぞくべつそうあたり)rule prohibiting match-ups between wrestlers from the same family
系統別当り(けいとうべつそうあたり)rule prohibiting match-ups between wrestlers from the same family
部屋別当り(へやべつそうあたり)rule prohibiting match-ups between wrestlers from the same stable
集編(そうしゅうへん)highlights, summary, compilation
花主義(そうばなしゅぎ)the principle of pleasing everyone, make-everybody-happy policy
花政策(そうばなせいさく)all-around policy, please-everyone policy
帆展帆(そうはんてんぱん)in full sail, decked out in full sail
(ふくそうさい)vice president
支部(そうしぶ)election campaign office
全国合開発計画(ぜんこくそうごうかいはつけいかく)Comprehensive National Development Plan (1962-)
(ぜんそう)Comprehensive National Development Plan (1962-)
合職(そうごうしょく)regular position, position with a prospect of promotion
(そうき)general description, exhaustive listing
being hated by everyone
入れ歯(そういれば)full dentures (e.g. no real teeth left)
合評価(そうごうひょうか)comprehensive evaluation, over-all judgment, general comment
裁選(そうさいせん)presidential election
務大臣(そうむだいじん)Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
合博物館(そうごうはくぶつかん)(general) museum
重量(そうじゅうりょう)gross weight
画数(そうかくすう)stroke-count of a kanji
費用(そうひよう)total cost
括主宰者(そうかつしゅさいしゃ)(electoral) campaign manager
所得(そうしょとく)total income, gross earnings