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題 : Topic

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topic, subject

On 'yomi:
Radical: (181)
Usage Rating:96
old JLPT:3
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題 Usage examples

難問(なんもんだい)difficult problem or question
好き放(すきほうだい)self-indulgence, doing as one pleases
該問(がいもんだい)the matter in question, the said problem
に上す(ぎだいにのぼす)to bring up for discussion
作文の(さくぶんのだい)subject of a composition
末の問(すえのもんだい)a mere trifle
(だいえい)poetry composed on a set theme
を付ける(だいをつける)to entitle
の点(もんだいのてん)point in dispute
を扱う(もんだいをあつかう)to deal with (handle) a matter
を詰める(もんだいをつめる)to work toward a solution to a problem
(かだいきょく)set piece (of music)
環境問(かんきょうもんだい)environmental problem (issue)
経済問(けいざいもんだい)economic problem
計算問(けいさんもんだい)numerical calculation
懸賞問(けんしょうもんだい)problem for a prize contest
研究課(けんきゅうかだい)research task
研究(けんきゅうだいもく)subject for study (inquiry, enquiry), laboratory subject
交通問(こうつうもんだい)traffic problem
死活問(しかつもんだい)matter of life or death, life-and-death problem
試験問(しけんもんだい)examination (exam) questions, questions for an examination
資源問(しげんもんだい)resources problem
時事問(じじもんだい)current question, current topics
実際問(じっさいもんだい)practical question (problem), practical matter
住宅問(じゅうたくもんだい)housing problem
重大問(じゅうだいもんだい)serious (vital) question, a grave issue, a matter of grave concern
政治問(せいじもんだい)political issue (problem)
文章(ぶんしょうだい)problem expressed in words
関数(めいだいかんすう)propositional (sentential) function
領域(もんだいりょういき)problem area
練習問(れんしゅうもんだい)exercises, practice problem
エネルギー問(エネルギーもんだい)energy problems
する(だいする)to be titled (e.g. a book), to be named
契約問(けいやくもんだい)contract dispute
債権(もんだいさいけん)problem loans
労働問(ろうどうもんだい)labor problem, labour problem
提起(もんだいていき)raising a question, posing a problem, setting a hare running
勝手放(かってほうだい)doing whatever one pleases, however one pleases
気儘放(きままほうだい)as selfishly (willfully) as one pleases
金銭問(きんせんもんだい)money matter, question of money, money trouble
学問(げだいがくもん)putting on a knowing air when one only knows the title of the book (play, etc.), pretending to understand the nature of something when one only knows its name
自由放(じゆうほうだい)as freely as one pleases, at will
進退問(しんたいもんだい)a question of whether or not someone should resign
責任問(せきにんもんだい)a question (an issue) of where responsibility (liability) lies, a question of who is responsible (to blame)
存廃問(そんぱいもんだい)question of maintenance or abolition (of an institution, organization, etc.)
択一問(たくいつもんだい)multiple-choice question
役者(なだいやくしゃ)chief actor in a kabuki play, star actor, leading actors of a troupe
商法(もんだいしょうほう)unscrupulous (crooked, fraudulent) business practices, pernicious sales methods
発言(もんだいはつげん)problematical statement, controversial statement
沸騰(わだいふっとう)being much talked about, creating a stir, being the talk of town