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団 : Group

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group, association

On 'yomi:
ダン(dan) トン(ton)
Kun 'yomi:
かたまり(katamari) まる.い(maru.i)
Radical: (31)
Usage Rating:213
old JLPT:2
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団 Usage examples

警防(けいぼうだん)civil defense unit, civil defence unit
腰布(こしぶとん)cushion worn round the waist for warmth
(たどん)charcoal briquette
quilting, ticking
(かくだんたい)each group
顧問(こもんだん)advisory body, think tank
座布を当てる(ざぶとんをあてる)to sit on a cushion
菊祭(だんぎくさい)kabuki performance in commemoration of Danjuro and Kikugoro
結が固い(だんけつがかたい)strongly united
十郎丈(だんじゅうろうじょう)Danjuro (kabuki actor)
体を組む(だんたいをくむ)to form an organization, to form an organisation
地住まい(だんちずまい)living in a housing complex
地族(だんちぞく)housing project dwellers
の精神(だんのせいしん)esprit de corps, spirit of the corps
を敷く(ふとんをしく)to lay out a futon, to make a bed
暴力狩り(ぼうりょくだんがり)roundup of gangsters
愛国(あいこくだんたい)patriotic group or organization (organisation)
一致(いっちだんけつ)solidarity, banding together and working as one for a common cause
羽毛布(うもうふとん)down(-filled) quilt (futon)
地下鉄(えいだんちかてつ)Teito Rapid Transit Authority subway, Eidan subway
学術(がくじゅつだんたい)academic society, learned body (society)
弦楽四重奏(げんがくしじゅうそうだん)string quartet
護送船(ごそうせんだん)(armed) convoy
私設応援(しせつおうえんだん)private cheer group
慈善(じぜんだんたい)charitable institution (organization, organisation), (organized, organised) charities
室内管弦楽(しつないかんげんがくだん)chamber orchestra
行動(しゅうだんこうどう)group (collective) action, collective behavior, collective behaviour
生活(しゅうだんせいかつ)living in a group, communal living, community life
体割引(だんたいわりびき)group discount (rate, reduction)
体客(だんたいきゃく)party of tourists
地方公共(ちほうこうきょうだんたい)local public body
地方(ちほうだんたい)local public body
調査(ちょうさだん)inquiry commission, enquiry commission, research group
任意(にんいだんたい)private organization (neither controlled nor protected by law), private organisation
舞踊(ぶようだん)dance troupe
暴力(ぼうりょくだんいん)gangster, mobster, yakuza (member)
民間(みんかんだんたい)nongovernment organization (organisation), NGO
(だん)body, group, party, company, troupe
マンガン(マンガンだんかい)manganese nodule
運動星(うんどうせいだん)moving cluster
夏布(なつぶとん)summer bedclothes
寒帯気(かんたいきだん)polar air mass
環境保護(かんきょうほごだんたい)pro-environment group
極左(きょくさだんたい)far-left group
空挺師(くうていしだん)Airborne Division
空挺旅(くうていりょだん)Airborne Brigade
健康医療(けんこういりょうだんたい)health maintenance organization (organisation), HMO
支持(しじだんたい)support group
的自衛権(しゅうだんてきじえいけん)right to collective defense, right to collective defence
人権保護(じんけんほごだんたい)human rights organization, human rights organisation
組織暴力(そしきぼうりょくだん)organized crime syndicate, organised crime syndicate
歩兵師(ふひょうしだん)Infantry Division
暴力抗争(ぼうりょくだんこうそう)gangland war
体戦(だんたいせん)team competition, team game