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得 : Gain

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gain, get, find, earn, acquire, can, may, able to, profit, advantage, benefit

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
え.る( う.る(
あつ(atsu) てろ(tero)
Radical: (60)
Usage Rating:175
old JLPT:2
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得 Usage examples

譲渡所(じょうとしょとく)capital gains
雑所(ざつしょとく)miscellaneous (sundry) incomes
to get benefit from
買い(かいどくひん)good bargain
九死に一生を(きゅうしにいっしょうをえる)to have a narrow escape from death
地位を(ちいをえる)to acquire a position, to hold an appointment
当を(とうをえる)to be in order, to be right
になる(とくになる)to do (a person) good, to bring profit
人を(ひとをえる)to employ the right person, to choose somebody with the right qualities
不心を戒める(ふこころえをいましめる)to caution a person against misconduct
を切る(みえをきる)to assume a posture, to pose, to make a defiant (proud) gesture
瞬時獲モデル(しゅんじかくとくモデル)instantaneous acquisition model
点圏(とくてんけん)scoring position, with runners on second and-or third base
意がる(とくいがる)to be inflated with pride
高額所(こうがくしょとくしゃ)large income earner, people in the higher income brackets
意客(とくいきゃく)customer, client
票数(とくひょうすう)number of votes obtained (polled)
不心(ふこころえもの)imprudent (misguided) fellow
要を(ようをえる)to be to the point
移転所(いてんしょとく)transfer income
可処分所(かしょぶんしょとく)disposable income, disposable personal income, DPI
斡旋利罪処罰法(あっせんりとくつみしょばつほう)antigraft law
代議員数(かくとくだいぎいんすう)delegate count
高利アンテナ(こうりとくアンテナ)high-gain antenna
裁量所(さいりょうしょとく)discretionary income
格差(しょとくかくさ)income divide
水準(しょとくすいじゅん)income level
分配(しょとくぶんぱい)income distribution
世帯所(せたいしょとく)family income
低利アンテナ(ていりとくアンテナ)low-gain antenna
要領を(ようりょうをえる)to be to the point, to hit the mark, to be relevant
勝ち(かちどく)win of a low-ranked wrestler in the extra eighth bout in the tournament
負け(まけどく)loss of a low-ranked wrestler in the extra eighth bout in the tournament
も言われぬ(えもいわれぬ)indescribable (in praise of something), exquisite, inexpressible, indefinable
千慮一(せんりょのいっとく)Even a fool may sometimes come up with a good idea
愚者一(ぐしゃいっとく)Even a fool may sometimes give good counsel
執務心(しつむこころえ)guide to office routine, guide to the performance of official duties
上手(せっとくじょうず)persuasiveness, skilled in the art of persuasion
勘定(そんとくかんじょう)profit-and-loss arithmetic, calculating profit and loss, mercenary point of view
意淡然(とくいたんぜん)maintaining a serene state of mind when one has achieved a great success
百慮一(ひゃくりょいっとく)Even a fool may sometimes give good counsel
(せいとくてき)innate, inherent, natural, inborn
ざるをない(ざるをえない)cannot help (doing), have no choice but to, am compelled to, am obliged to, it is incumbent upon (me) to
having consent (e.g. to do something)
形質(かくとくけいしつ)acquired characteristics (as opposed to inherited)