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判 : Judgement

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judgement, signature, stamp, seal

On 'yomi:
ハン(han) バン(ban)
Kun 'yomi:
Radical: (18)
Usage Rating:197
old JLPT:2
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判 Usage examples

欠席裁(けっせきさいばん)trial in absentia, judgment by default (judgement)
(だんぱん)negotiations, making demands
りの良い(ものわかりのよい)sensible, understanding
白だと(しろだとわかる)to be found innocent
決文(はんけつぶん)judgment paper, judgement paper
決を覆す(はんけつをくつがえす)to overrule a decision
を押す(はんをおす)to affix a seal
決に従う(はんけつにしたがう)to abide by the verdict
(ひはんりょく)critical power, critical ability
有罪(ゆうざいはんけつ)guilty verdict, judgment of guilty (judgement)
定識別器(なんはんていしきべつき)soft-decision discriminator
(こばんざめ)live sharksucker (Echeneis naucrates), suckerfish, sharksucker (any fish of family Echeneidae)
キャビネ(キャビネばん)cabinet size
海の物とも山の物ともらない(うみのものともやまのものともわからない)neither fish nor fowl, cannot be foreseen
軍人予備裁(ぐんじんよびさいばんしょ)court of inquiry, court of enquiry
景気(けいきはんだん)economic assessment
憲法裁(けんぽうさいばんしょ)constitutional court
国際司法裁(こくさいしほうさいばんしょ)International Court of Justice, ICJ
所命令(さいばんしょめいれい)court injunction, court order
死刑(しけいはんけつ)death sentence
巡回裁(じゅんかいさいばんしょ)circuit court
脳死(のうしはんてい)declaration of brain death, determination of brain death, diagnosis of brain death
(しんぱんちょう)head judge
部長(しんぱんぶちょう)head judge
委員(しんぱんいいん)five ringside judges
時間係審(じかんがかりしんぱん)judge timing the matches
勝負審(しょうぶしんぱん)ringside judge
勝負審交替(しょうぶしんぱんこうたい)change of judges
業況断指数(ぎょうきょうはんだんしすう)diffusion index, DI, business sentiment index
是非(ぜひはんだん)discrimination of right and wrong, distinguishing between right and wrong
材料(ひはんざいりょう)elements deserving criticism, material used to criticize someone (something)
(しんぱんかん)administrative law judge, appeal examiner (e.g. in patents)
(さいばんいん)lay judge (2005 reforms), citizen judge, juror
官弾劾裁(さいばんかんだんがいさいばんしょ)Judge Impeachment Court
官訴追委員会(さいばんかんそついいいんかい)Judge Indictment Committee
純粋理性批(じゅんすいりせいひはん)Critique of Pure Reason (Kritik der reinen Vernunft) (Kant)
で押したよう(はんでおしたよう)stereotyped, stereotypical, invariable, like clockwork, regular
国際裁管轄(こくさいさいばんかんかつ)international jurisdiction
the same as something was reputed to be
連邦政府裁(れんぽうせいふさいばんしょ)federal court (US)
陪審裁(ばいしんさいばん)trial by jury, jury trial
(はんじ)to hold that (in legal context), to judge that
民事裁(みんじさいばんしょ)civil court
強談(こわだんぱん)tough negotiations, forceful negotiations
強面談(こわもてだんぱん)aggressive negotiations, hard-line bargaining
の日(しんぱんのひ)Judgment Day (as described in Christian tradition)
最後の審(さいごのしんぱん)Last Judgment (judgment of mankind to take place when the world ends, according to various religious traditions)