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百 : Hundred

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On 'yomi:
ヒャク(hyaku) ビャク(byaku)
Kun 'yomi:
(o)(do) どう(dou) なり(nari) ひゃっ(hya) ひゅく(hyuku)(mo) もんど(mondo)(yu)
Radical: (106)
Usage Rating:163
old JLPT:4
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百 Usage examples

(しらゆり)white lily
国家年の計(こっかひゃくねんのけい)permanent national policy
万に及ぶ(すうひゃくまんにおよぶ)to reach (range) into the millions
千九年代(せんきゅうひゃくねんだい)the 1900s
千鳥(ももちどり)Japanese bush warbler (Horornis diphone), Japanese nightingale
(ももよ)many nights, hundred nights
(ヤマユリ)golden-rayed lily (Lilium auratum)
一罰(いちばつひゃっかい)punishing a crime to make an example for others
議論(ぎろんひゃくしゅつ)diverse arguments arising in great numbers
(ひゃくにんひゃくよう)so many men, so many ways, it takes all sorts to make a world
舌勘定(もずかんじょう)splitting the bill so that the others end up paying the whole amount, wheedling the others into paying the whole bill
(やお)multitude, large number
合鴎(ユリカモメ)black-headed gull (Larus ridibundus), hooded gull
尺竿頭(ひゃくしゃくかんとう)the highest level one can attain
諸子(しょしひゃっか)Hundred Schools of Thought
読書(どくしょひゃっぺん)Repeated reading (makes the meaning clear), Reading something again and again (will lead one to realize its meaning)
八町(はっぴゃくやちょう)the whole enormous extent of Edo, from one side of Edo to the other
折不撓(ひゃくせつふとう)indefatigability, indomitableness
点満点(ひゃくてんまんてん)(getting a) perfect score, scoring 100, grading students on a scale of one hundred, doing perfectly (in a test), leaving nothing to be desired
日天下(ひゃくにちてんか)The Hundred Days (of Napoleon I), very short-lived regime
年河清(ひゃくねんかせい)waiting for one hundred years for the waters of the Yellow River to clear, waiting in vain for an unlikely event, waiting for pigs to fly, When the sky falls, we shall catch larks
慮一得(ひゃくりょいっとく)Even a fool may sometimes give good counsel
武芸(ぶげいひゃっぱん)every martial art, all the martial arts
文武(ぶんぶひゃっかん)all the officials, both military and civil
勇気(ゆうきひゃくばい)inspire someone with fresh courage, with redoubled courage
小倉人一首(おぐらひゃくにんいっしゅ)Ogura Anthology of One Hundred Tanka by One Hundred Poets
(ももち)a large number, all sorts, hundreds and thousands
条委員会(ひゃくじょういいんかい)investigation committee (of prefectural assembly, established under Section 100 of the Act)
八橋(はっぴゃくやばし)the large number of bridges over canals and rivers in Naniwa (present-day Osaka)
八寺(はっぴゃくやでら)the large number of temples in Kyoto
hundred times worship (e.g. walking back and forth a hundred times before a shrine offering a prayer each time)
名山(ひゃくめいざん)one hundred top mountains of Japan
to visit repeatedly (to request)
all pain, no gain, doing no good and a lot of harm, having no redeeming features, being a complete disadvantage, a hundred harms and not a single gain
(ひゃっきん)hundred-yen store, 100 yen shop
悪妻は年の不作(あくさいはひゃくねんのふさく)a bad wife spells the ruin of her husband, a bad wife means a hundred years of bad luck to her husband
も承知(ひゃくもしょうち)knowing only too well, being fully aware of
seeing is believing, one eye-witness is better than many hearsays, a picture is worth a thousand words
(ろっぴゃく)six hundred
(ひめゆり)star lily (Lilium Concolor)
method of learning through repetition conceived by Kageyama Hideo, which involves multiplying and other calculations carried out on a 10-by-10 grid of numbers