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表 : Surface

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surface, table, chart, diagram

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
おもて(omote) -おもて(omote) あらわ.す( あらわ.れる(arawa.reru) あら.わす(ara.wasu)
Radical: (145)
Usage Rating:77
old JLPT:2
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表 Usage examples

職能代(しょくのうだいひょうせい)vocational representation system
(うんぴょう)above the clouds
早見(はやみひょう)simplified chart
で遊ぶ(おもてであそぶ)to play outside (out of doors)
の戸(おもてのと)street (front) door
向きの理由(おもてむきのりゆう)ostensible (surface) reason
記号で(きごうであらわす)to represent by signs
言葉にせない(ことばにあらわせない)ineffable, inexpressible
(さひょう)chart at the left
三岐代(さんぎだいひょう)representative of Gifu and Mie prefectures
姿を(すがたをあらわす)to make an appearance, to show up
名を(なをあらわす)to distinguish oneself
付年(ふねんぴょう)appendix with chronological table
(ちひょうめん)ground surface
心的(しんてきひょうじ)mental representation
談話示構造理論(だんわひょうじこうぞうりろん)discourse representation structure theory, DRS
層構造(ひょうそうこうぞう)surface structure
層の語順(ひょうそうのごじゅん)surface order
差別(さべつひょうげん)word, phrase, or image that is perceived as showing or suggesting discrimination or prejudice against a person or group of people
馬脚をわす(ばきゃくをあらわす)to reveal the true nature
研究発(けんきゅうはっぴょうかい)meeting for reading research papers
採点(さいてんひょう)list of marks, list of grades
新聞発(しんぶんはっぴょう)(issuing) a press release
対数(たいすうひょう)table of logarithms, log table, log tables
日程(にっていひょう)schedule, itinerary
現力(ひょうげんりょく)power of expression, expressiveness, expressive power
彰台(ひょうしょうだい)victory stand
明細(めいさいひょう)itemized account, itemised account
料金(りょうきんひょう)list or table of charges, tariff, price list
(すうひょう)table (of logarithms)
大代(だいだいひょう)main (switchboard) number, main telephone (phone) number
日計(にっけいひょう)daily trial balance sheet
マネーフロー(マネーフローひょう)money-flow table
譲許(じょうきょひょう)schedule of (tariff) concessions
(ひょうない)inside a table or list
(ひょうがい)not a common kanji
(ちょうひょう)distinguishing mark
意思示カード(いしひょうじカード)donor card
株主代訴訟(かぶぬしだいひょうそしょう)shareholder lawsuit
四半期収益発(しはんきしゅうえきはっぴょう)quarterly earnings announcement
中間決算発(ちゅうかんけっさんはっぴょう)midterm earnings announcement
(ちょうひょう)ledger report
番付(ばんづけひょう)table of rankings
西山猫(イリオモテヤマネコ)Iriomote wildcat (Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensis)
取締社長(だいひょうとりしまりしゃちょう)company president, with responsibility to represent the company in its dealings with the outside world
実行関税率(じっこうかんぜいりつひょう)customs tariff schedules of Japan
慣用(かんようひょうげん)idiomatic expression, idiom
常套(じょうとうひょうげん)conventional (stock) phrase, hackneyed expression, platitude, cliche
爆弾発(ばくだんはっぴょう)bombshell announcement (statement)
(なおもて)remains, traces, vestiges, memory
representation in hiragana, hiragana notation
産業連関(さんぎょうれんかんひょう)interindustry relations table, input-output table
leather cover, leather binding