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武 : Warrior

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warrior, military, chivalry, arms

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
たけ(take) たけ.し(take.shi)
(u)(o) たけし(takeshi) たけん(taken)(n)
Radical: (77)
Usage Rating:387
old JLPT:2
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武 Usage examples

允文允(いんぶんいんぶ)being versed in the literary and military arts
(えいぶ)distinguished (surpassing) valor (valour)
(おにむしゃ)daredevil warrior
赳赳たる(きゅうきゅうたるぶふ)soldier of dauntless courage
(こうぶ)military training
大使館付き(たいしかんづきぶかん)military officer attached to embassy
士道の華(ぶしどうのはな)flower of chivalry (Bushido)
士の鑑(ぶしのかがみ)paragon of knighthood
を練る(ぶをねる)to train oneself in military arts
装地帯(ひぶそうちたい)demilitarized zone, demilitarised zone
芸者(ぶげいしゃ)practitioner of martial arts
力介入(ぶりょくかいにゅう)armed intervention
(かんぶ)civilian and military man
政治的(せいじてきぶき)political weapon
器査察(ぶきささつ)weapons inspection
器輸出禁止(ぶきゆしゅつきんし)arms embargo
力攻撃(ぶりょくこうげき)armed attack
家諸法度(ぶけしょはっと)law decreeing rules for daimyo during Tokugawa shogunate
運長久(ぶうんちょうきゅう)continued luck in the fortunes of war
装勢力(ぶそうせいりょく)armed group, armed insurgents
以来(じんむこのかた)since the era of the Emperor Jinmu, unprecedented
骨一徹(ぶこついってつ)rustic, boorish, uncouth, adamantly sticking to being boorish
士然(こぶしぜん)having something of the old-time samurai about one
芸百般(ぶげいひゃっぱん)every martial art, all the martial arts
家伝奏(ぶけでんそう)Imperial official in charge of communication between the shogunate and the court (during the Muromachi and Edo periods)
家奉公(ぶけぼうこう)service with a samurai family, serving in a samurai household (as a valet, chambermaid, etc.)
人気質(ぶじんかたぎ)martial spirit, military spirit, the spirit of true warriors
勇絶倫(ぶゆうぜつりん)peerless bravery, matchless valor (in arms)
兼備(ぶんぶけんび)well up in both literary and military (martial) arts, well skilled in wielding both the sword and the pen
百官(ぶんぶひゃっかん)all the officials, both military and civil
理論(りろんぶそう)being prepared for a theoretical (ideological) argument, being armed with theoretical backing
()military officer, military man, military arts
(けんむ)Kemmu era (of unified Japan) (1334.1.29-1336.2.29), Kemmu era (of the Northern Court) (1336.2.29-1338.8.28)
(ねぶた)Nebuta, nighttime festival in Tohoku (esp. Aomori)
勇談(ぶゆうだん)tale of heroism
景気(じんむけいき)the economic boom of the mid-1950s
小型(こがたぶき)small arms, light weapons
器商人(ぶきしょうにん)arms dealer
装組織(ぶそうそしき)armed organization