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開 : Open

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open, unfold, unseal

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
ひら.く(hira.ku) ひら.き( -びら.き( ひら.ける(hira.keru) あ.く(a.ku) あ.ける(a.keru)
はる(haru)(ka) ひらき(hiraki)
Radical: (169)
Usage Rating:59
old JLPT:3
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開 Usage examples

け広げる(あけひろげる)to open wide, to reveal hidden contents
間をける(あいだをあける)to leave space (between)
けっ放す(あけっぱなす)to leave open
き銭(あなあきせん)perforated coin
穴が(あながあく)to have a hole, to be pierced (with a hole)
穴をける(あなをあける)to make a hole (in)
to find a clue, to make a beginning
breakup (of a ceremony, wedding, party, meeting, etc.), closure
業を許す(かいぎょうをゆるす)to be licensed to practice (e.g. law), to be allowed to open a business
(かいぎん)development bank
(かいご)wisdom, enlightenment
(かいさん)opening of a parachute
析台地(かいせきだいち)dissected plateau
距離を(きょりをひらく)to open the distance
の席(こうかいのせき)in public
道を(みちをひらく)to open up doors, to pave the way
戦端を(せんたんをひらく)to open hostilities, to take up arms (against)
戸をける(とをあける)to open the door
き鯵(ひらきあじ)split and dried saurel
店を(みせをひらく)to open a business
道を切り(みちをきりひらく)to open a path
(かいこん)open (as of a pack)
宇宙発計画(うちゅうかいはつけいかく)space development project (program, programme)
放感(かいほうかん)sense of liberation, feeling of freedom
校記念日(かいこうきねんび)anniversary of the founding of the school
催国(かいさいこく)host country (e.g. for a conference)
催地(かいさいち)place where a meeting (conference, etc.) is held, venue
催日(かいさいび)date(s) (e.g. for exhibition)
拓者精神(かいたくしゃせいしん)pioneering spirit
拓地(かいたくち)reclaimed land, cleared land, area opened for development
通式(かいつうしき)formal opening (e.g. of a rail-road)
発計画(かいはつけいかく)development project (program, programme, plan)
票結果(かいひょうけっか)results of the vote count
票速報(かいひょうそくほう)quick (flash) report of votes counted
票率(かいひょうりつ)percentage of votes counted so far
幕戦(かいまくせん)opening game, (season) opener
練習(こうかいれんしゅう)public workout
録音(こうかいろくおん)public recording
(みかいじん)barbarian, savage, savage (primitive) people (race)
(みかいち)savage (barbaric) land, backward region, undeveloped area
急展(きゅうてんかい)rapid development
(くちあけ)beginning, opening, commencement (e.g. of sales), first sale
(かいかん)open pipe
管分析(かいかんぶんせき)open tube test
(かいこう)opening of mine
(かいしょ)open a new business
(かいど)divergence, aperture
発輸入(かいはつゆにゅう)develop-and-import formula
放血管系(かいほうけっかんけい)open blood-vascular system
放性結核(かいほうせいけっかく)open tuberculosis
放創(かいほうそう)open wound
extraction of roots, evolution
株式公買付制度(かぶしきこうかいかいつけせいど)tender offer, take-over bid, TOB
水平展(すいへいてんかい)grassroots (organization, development, movement)
ヨーロッパ復興発銀行(ヨーロッパふっこうかいはつぎんこう)European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD