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権 : Authority

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authority, power, rights

On 'yomi:
ケン(ken) ゴン(gon)
Kun 'yomi:
おもり(omori) かり(kari) はか.る(
Radical: (75)
Usage Rating:156
old JLPT:2
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権 Usage examples

警察(けいさつけん)police powers
経営(けいえいけん)right of management
嫌煙(けんえんけん)right for nonsmokers to not be exposed to smoking in public space
立法(りっぽうけん)legislative power
限内に(けんげんないに)within the scope of authority
力に媚びる(けんりょくにこびる)to be obsequious to power
力の座(けんりょくのざ)position of power
力を握る(けんりょくをにぎる)to seize power
司教(しきょうけんざ)the episcopal seat
争い(せいけんあらそい)political power struggle
を委ねる(ぜんけんをゆだねる)to entrust (a person) with power of attorney (to do something for one)
意匠(いしょうけん)design right, right(s) to a design
解散(かいさんけん)right to dissolve (e.g. the Diet)
利書(けんりしょ)title deed, certificate of title
指揮(しきけん)(exercising) the right to command
自由裁量(じゆうさいりょうけん)discretionary power
世界選手(せかいせんしゅけん)world (an international) championship (title)
(せいけんとう)political party in power
絶対(ぜったいけんりょく)absolute authority or power (over someone or something)
選手試合(せんしゅけんじあい)title match, championship bout
選手大会(せんしゅけんたいかい)championship series
相続(そうぞくけん)heirship, (claim) the (right of) succession
著作所有者(ちょさくけんしょゆうしゃ)copyright holder
著作侵害(ちょさくけんしんがい)infringement of copyright, (software, etc.) piracy
任命(にんめいけん)appointive power
不良債(ふりょうさいけん)bad debt
放映(ほうえいけん)televising right
連立政(れんりつせいけん)coalition government
(こうけんりょく)public power, governmental authority
(しちけんしゃ)person who receives a pledge, pledgee, pawnee
新株引受(しんかぶひきうけけん)pre-emptive right (to subscribe for new shares)
アクセス(アクセスけん)right of access, access permission, access right
オープン選手(オープンせんしゅけん)open competition
スト(ストけん)right to strike
違憲立法審査(いけんりっぽうしんさけん)judicial review
家長(かちょうけん)patriarchal right
株式買取請求(かぶしきかいとりせいきゅうけん)right of demand for buying shares
株式買受付社債(かぶしきかいうけけんつきしゃさい)bond with stock purchase warrant
環境(かんきょうけん)environment right
公衆送信(こうしゅうそうしんけん)public transmission rights (e.g. putting copyrightable material on the WWW or an FTP server)
口述(こうじゅつけん)public recitation right (e.g. reciting a poem in a bookstore)
頒布(はんぷけん)(movie) distribution rights
議員特(ぎいんとっけん)parliamentary privilege
軍事独裁政(ぐんじどくさいせいけん)military dictatorship
威主義政府(けんいしゅぎせいふ)authoritarian government
的解釈(こうけんてきかいしゃく)official interpretation or construction (e.g. of a law)
国連人委員会(こくれんじんけんいいんかい)United Nations Human Rights Commission
放棄(さいけんほうき)debt forgiveness, debt waiver
利回り(さいけんりまわり)bond yield
集団的自衛(しゅうだんてきじえいけん)right to collective defense, right to collective defence
保護団体(じんけんほごだんたい)human rights organization, human rights organisation
世界知的所有機関(せかいちてきしょゆうけんきかん)World Intellectual Property Organization (Organisation), WIPO