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JLPT N4 kanji list

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 kanji group. Click on the kanji for more information.

As of 2010, there is no official JLPT kanji list. This list is compiled from the pre-2010 official JLPT 3 list.

bad, vicerelax, cheapby means of, becauseidea, minddoctor, medicineemployee, memberdrink, smokeInst., institutioncarry, luckreflect, reflectionEngland, Englishstationroof, housesound, noise (radical 180)summerhouse, homesong, singflowerbrush-stroke, picturemeeting, meetsea, oceanworld, boundaryopen, unfoldmusic, comfortChina, Chinesebuilding, mansionhomecoming, arrive atrouse, wake uphurry, emergencyresearch, studycowgone, pastfish (radical 195)capital, 10**16strongteach, faithbusiness, vocationnear, earlysilverempty, skyelder brother, big brotherplot, planbuilddogpolish, study ofverification, effectbeginning, former timesay (radical 149)oldpublic, princemouthcraft, constructionwide, broadconsider, think overblack (radical 203)make, productionattend, doing使use, send on a missioncommence, beginelder sisterthinkstop, halt (radical 77)death, dieprivate, Ipapertest, trymatter, thingcharacter, letterhold, haveoneself (radical 132)room, apartmentsubstance, qualitycopy, be photographedcompany, firmsomeone, personborrow, rentlord, chiefhandautumnend, finishlearnweekgather, meetdwell, resideheavy, heap upspringtime, spring (season)few, littlelocation, placecolor (radical 139)heart, mindnewtrue, realityparent, intimacymap, drawinggeneration, worldcorrect, justiceblue green (radical 174)red (radical 155)cut, cutoffearly, fastrun (radical 156escort, sendleg, foot (radical 157)tribe, familymany, frequentbody, substancewait, depend onlendsubstitute, changepedestal, a standtopic, subjectknow, wisdomground, earthteadon, arrivedaytime, noonpour, irrigatemorning, dynastytown, villagebird (radical 196)traffic, pass throughyounger brother, faithful service to eldersstore, shoprevolve, turn aroundrice field (radical 102)degrees, occurrencewintersolution, answermove, motionsame, agreepublic chamber, hallroad-way, streetspecialmeat (radical 130)buyselldeparture, dischargemeal, boiled riceill, sickgoods, refinementnegative, non-air, wind (radical 182)clothing, admitthing, objectsentence, literatureseparate, branch offexertion, endeavourwalk, counter for stepsdirection, personyounger sisterflavor, tastebright, lighteye, classquestion, asknight, eveningplains, fieldpossess, haveeveningweekdayocean, western styleutilize, businesslogic, arrangementrise, stand (radical 117)trip, travelfee, materialspower, strength