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雨 : Rain (radical 173)

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rain (radical 173)

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
あめ(ame) あま-(amā) -さめ(same)
Radical: (173)
Usage Rating:950
old JLPT:4
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雨 Usage examples

(はくう)rain shower
注意報(おおあめちゅういほう)storm warning
の禍(ふううのか)disaster caused by wind and rain
(つゆぞら)overcast sky in the rainy season
(うりん)rain forest
ロボット量計(ロボットうりょうけい)robot rain gauge
亜熱帯多(あねったいたうりん)subtropical rain forest
sea hare (esp. species Aplysia kurodai)
緑樹林(うりょくじゅりん)rain green forest
(きさめ)precipitation resulting from thick fog condensing on leaves in a forest
波貝(ウバガイ)Sakhalin surf clam (Pseudocardium sachalinense)
天中止(うてんちゅうし)cancelled because of rain, wash out
天延期(うてんえんき)postponed because of rain
天続き(うてんつづき)long spell of rainy weather
干天慈(かんてんじう)welcome (beneficial) rain in a drought, realization of something eagerly looked for, a welcome relief
五風十(ごふうじゅうう)seasonable rains and winds, halcyon weather, halcyon times of peace
硝煙弾(しょうえんだんう)smoke of powder and hail of bullets, (in) the thick of the raging battle
旱天慈(かんてんじう)welcome (beneficial) rain in a drought, realization of something eagerly looked for, a welcome relief
傘番組(あまがさばんぐみ)substitute for a scheduled live broadcast of a sporting event that was rained out
奇晴好(うきせいこう)scenery being beautiful in both rainy and sunny weather
巫山(うんうふざん)sexual liaison
小夜時(さよしぐれ)light shower on a night in late autumn and early winter
模様(しぐれもよう)showery sky, (it is) looking showery
櫛風沐(しっぷうもくう)struggling through wind and rain, undergoing hardships
櫛風浴(しっぷうよくう)struggling through wind and rain, undergoing hardships
晴好(せいこううき)the scenery being beautiful in both sunny and rainy weather
弾丸飛(だんがんひう)hail of bullets, heavy bombardment
朝雲暮(ちょううんぼう)sexual liaison
巫山雲(ふざんうんう)sexual liaison
翻雲覆(ほんうんふくう)fickle friendship
五月(さみだれしき)off and on manner, intermittent style, dragging on and on
similar things turning up one after another, bamboo shoots after rain
のやみ間(あめのやみま)break in the rain, letup in the rain
(りんう)long spell of rain
(わたくしあめ)limited amount of rain which falls off to a certain region
熱帯(ねったいうりん)tropical forest, tropical rainforest
rain that starts to fall as though trying to prevent a guest from leaving
垂れ石を穿つ(あまだれいしをうがつ)slow but steady wins the race, constant effort will result in success, constant dripping wears away a stone
熱帯林気候(ねったいうりんきこう)tropical rain forest climate