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字 : Character

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character, letter, word, section of village

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
あざ(aza) あざな(azana) -な(na)
Radical: (39)
Usage Rating:485
old JLPT:3
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字 Usage examples

(あじ)the letter a (in esoteric Buddhism)
空ける(いちじあける)to leave a space (between words)
削る(いちじけずる)to delete a letter
片山(おおあざかたやま)name of a town section
片十締め(かたじゅうじじめ)cross choke
を組む(かつじをくむ)to set type
制限論(かんじせいげんろん)the question of limiting the use of Chinese characters
に弱い(すうじによわい)not good with figures
赤十(せきじゅうじふ)school attached to the Japan Red Cross Society
細い(ほそいじ)slender character
合わせ錠(もじあわせじょう)combination lock
符号化文集合(ふごうかもじしゅうごう)coded character set, code
符号化法(もじふごうかほう)character encoding scheme
符号系(もじふごうけい)character coding system
コード(もじコード)character encoding (e.g. JIS, Unicode, etc.), character code
振り漢(ふりかんじ)kanji printed as ruby, usually to explain kana
貿易黒(ぼうえきくろじ)trade surplus
貿易赤(ぼうえきあかじ)trade deficit
アラビア文(アラビアもじ)Arabic script
顔文(かおもじ)smiley (face made up of characters), emoticon
ローマ数(ローマすうじ)Roman numerals
音節文(おんせつもじ)syllabic character
(かじ)Chinese character
(かじし)Chinese newspaper
形声文(けいせいもじ)semasio-phonetic character (combining semantic and phonetic components)
経常黒(けいじょうくろじ)current account surplus
財政黒(ざいせいくろじ)budget surplus
財政赤(ざいせいあかじ)budget deficit
旧漢(きゅうかんじ)old-style kanji
大の(だいのじ)shape of the "dai" kanji (esp. person with arms and legs outstretched), sprawling, lying spread-eagled
離れ(かつじばなれ)aliteracy, loss of interest in or shift away from reading (especially serious) books or literature
訓令式ローマ(くんれいしきローマじ)Kunrei-shiki romanization (romanisation), official kana romanization system
空白文(くうはくもんじ)space character
相撲(すもうじ)writing style used to write the rankings
相撲文(すもうもじ)writing style used to write the rankings
忍び文(しのびもじ)Ninja script
(だいじ)alternative kanji used for numbers
帯刀(みょうじたいとう)the right to bear a surname and to wear a sword (during the Edo period)
不立文(ふりつもんじ)Buddhist revelation through intuitive discernment, Spiritual awakening cannot be experienced with words and letters, Spiritual enlightenment can be attained only by means of communion of mind with mind (Zen Buddhism)
同訓(いじどうくん)different kanji with the same Japanese reading (and usu. a similar meaning)
(いちじいちじ)letter by letter, character by character
半句(いちじはんく)a single word, (not even) a word, (not even) a syllable
八法(えいじはっぽう)the eight basic brush strokes in writing Chinese characters
世論(かつじせろん)public opinion (sentiment) as reflected in the print media
中毒(かつじちゅうどく)addiction to the printed word, reading addict, book (print) junkie
甲骨文(こうこつもじ)ancient inscriptions of Chinese characters on oracle bones and carapaces
帯刀(みょうじたいとう)the right to bear a surname and to wear a sword (during the Edo period)
四文(よもじご)four-letter word (English)
成句(よじせいく)Chinese four-character phrase or idiomatic expression
試験(かんじしけん)kanji test, test of kanji skills