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十 : Ten (radical 24)

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ten (radical 24)

On 'yomi:
ジュウ(juu) ジッ(ji) ジュッ(ju)
Kun 'yomi:
(i)(ka)(gi)(sa)(shi)(so) そう(sou)(chi) とう(tou)(ne)(ma)(ru)(wa)
Radical: (24)
Usage Rating:8
old JLPT:4
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十 Usage examples

四卦(ろくじゅうしけ)the 64 hexagrams (of the Book of Changes)
字締め(かたじゅうじじめ)cross choke
(こめじゅうりゅう)ten grains of rice
字附(せきじゅうじふ)school attached to the Japan Red Cross Society
郎丈(だんじゅうろうじょう)Danjuro (kabuki actor)
姉妹(ジュウシマツ)Bengalese finch, society finch (Lonchura striata var. domestica)
(じゅうねん)ten years, decade
八夜(はちじゅうはちや)eighty-eighth day from the beginning of spring
(よそじ)age forty
sufficiently motivated (to do something)
枚目(じゅうまいめ)second highest division
両筆頭(じゅうりょうひっとう)two highest ranked wrestlers in juryo division
両格(じゅうりょうかく)referee officiating the second highest division
(しんじゅうりょう)wrestler newly promoted to juryo division
(さいじゅうりょう)wrestler re-promoted to juryo division
幕内(まくうちじゅうねん)10 year career in the highest division is enough for anyone
五風(ごふうじゅうう)seasonable rains and winds, halcyon weather, halcyon times of peace
貫禄(かんろくじゅうぶん)having great (impressive, commanding) presence, having an air of importance, having enough gravity for (a position)
知命(ごじゅうちめい)At age fifty, one comes to know the will of Heaven. (Confucius)
不惑(しじゅうふわく)At forty, one has no doubts. (Confucius)
古希(しちじゅうこき)Men seldom live to be seventy (Du Fu (c.712-c.770)), Few people live to be seventy
九髪(つくもがみ)old woman with white hair
四気(にじゅうしき)the 24 seasonal divisions of a year in the old lunar calendar
(はちじゅうだい)the eighties (age, years, etc.)
(じっせつ)ten important Rinzai temples, second in significance to the Kyoto Gozan
七条憲法(じゅうしちじょうけんぽう)The Seventeen-Article Constitution
明治四年の政変(めいじじゅうよねんのせいへん)the failed Meiji-14 coup of 1881
一箇条要求(にじゅういっかじょうようきゅう)The Twenty-One Demands
一暴(いちばくじっかん)strenuous efforts, unless sustained, are to no avail (Mencius)
遺恨(いこんじゅうねん)harbouring a grudge for many years
一目(いちもくじゅうぎょう)outstanding reading ability, one glance, ten lines
死一生(じっしいっしょう)there being barely a chance of escaping death
the smartest thing in a tight situation is to beat a retreat
字を切る(じゅうじをきる)to make the sign of the cross, to bless oneself, to cross oneself
(ごとおび)days of the month ending in 5 or 0 (when payments are often due)