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比 : Compare

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compare, race, ratio, Philippines, race (radical 81)

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
(i) ぴっ(pi)
Radical: (81)
Usage Rating:329
old JLPT:2
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比 Usage examples

揚抗(ようこうひ)lift-drag ratio
fete in honor of Ebisu (honour)
静圧(せいあつひ)static pressure ratio
(せいひ)direct ratio
(ひとう)the Philippines
(ひにち)the Philippines and Japan
を見ない(ひをみない)unique, unrivaled, unrivalled, without parallel
を求める(ひをもとめる)to obtain the ratio
容積(ようせきひ)volume ratio
過圧密(かあつみつひ)overconsolidation ratio
間隙(かんげきひ)void ratio
構成(こうせいひ)component distribution ratio (statistics), component ratio, proportion
整数(せいすうひ)(expressed as) the ratios of whole numbers
直間(ちょっかんひりつ)ratio of direct to indirect taxes
合併(がっぺいひりつ)merger ratio
資本(しほんひりつ)capital ratio
自己資本(じこしほんひりつ)capital adequacy ratio, capital-to-asset ratio
(せいひ)sex ratio
男女(だんじょひ)sex ratio, gender ratio
負債(ふさいひりつ)debt ratio
縦横(たてよこひ)aspect ratio
痛快無(つうかいむひ)very thrilling, extremely delightful, awfully pleasant, intensely satisfying
頑健無(がんけんむひ)being of very robust health
強力無(きょうりょくむひ)being the strongest, being powerful (mighty) without equal
剛勇無(ごうゆうむひ)unparalleled for valor, unmatched for bravery
正確無(せいかくむひ)unmatched (unparalleled) accuracy
天涯(てんがいひりん)a great distance does not detract from the feeling (relationship) of endearment
当代無(どうだいむひ)being unsurpassed (unparalleled) at present
剽悍無(ひょうかんむひ)as fierce and nimble as any, daring and agile without equal
唯一無(ゆいいつむひ)one and only, unique
勇敢無(ゆうかんむひ)being unmatched (unparalleled) for bravery
雄大無(ゆうだいむひ)unparalleled grandeur, the grandest, the most spectacular
勇猛無(ゆうもうむひ)most brave, as brave as any, unmatched for valor
対前年(たいぜんねんひ)relative change from last year
較文化(ひかくぶんか)cross-cultural, comparative culture
当社(とうしゃひ)as I see it, by my estimate
小選挙区例代表並立制(しょうせんきょくひれいだいひょうへいりつせい)electoral system comprised of single-seat constituencies and proportionally represented multiple-seat constituencies
非拘束名簿式例代表制(ひこうそくめいぼしきひれいだいひょうせい)proportional representation system in which both party and individual votes are cast, seats are distributed amongst parties by proportion of vote obtained, and candidates are elected in descending order of number of votes obtained
名簿式例代表制(めいぼしきひれいだいひょうせい)proportional representation system in which votes are cast for a publicly available list of party members or for individual members of that list
例区(ひれいく)proportionally represented constituency
我慢(がまんくらべ)contest of endurance
(にちひ)Japan and the Philippines