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米 : Rice (radical 119)

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rice (radical 119)

On 'yomi:
ベイ(bei) マイ(mai) メエトル(meetoru)
Kun 'yomi:
こめ(kome) よね(yone)
(ha)(be) まべ(mabe)(me)(yo) よな(yona) よの(yono) よま(yoma)
Radical: (119)
Usage Rating:61
old JLPT:2
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米 Usage examples

早場(はやばまい)rice from an early harvest, early rice
並みに(おうべいなみに)as in Europe and America
(けんまいき)rice polisher
十粒(こめじゅうりゅう)ten grains of rice
(ちゃくべい)arriving in America
(べいこん)Round Table Conference on Rice Price
(べいしん)Rice Price Deliberative Council
(べいてい)US imperialism
の介入(べいのかいにゅう)intervention of America
(べいつぼ)paper weight in gsm
市場(べいいちば)the rice market
(えいべいじん)Englishmen and Americans
(えいべいほう)Anglo-American law
(おうべいじん)Europeans and Americans, Westerners
政府(せいふまい)government-controlled rice
(せいまいじょ)rice(-cleaning) mill
構造協議(にちべいこうぞうきょうぎ)Structural Impediments Initiative talks, SII
貿易摩擦(にちべいぼうえきまさつ)Japan-US trade friction
glutinous rice
(やみごめ)black-market rice
(うわまい)excise tax
(べいじん)an American
国預託証券(べいこくよたくしょうけん)American depositary receipt, ADR
(べいへい)American military (force)
作り(こめつくり)rice cultivation, rice farming
ミルク(こめミルク)rice milk
(べいちょう)America-North Korea, America and North Korea
(べいがわ)American position, American side, American representatives, American delegation
(べいし)American press, American newspaper
利加山法師(アメリカヤマボウシ)flowering dogwood (Cornus florida)
連邦(べいれんぽう)US federal (agency, etc.)
連邦議会(べいれんぽうぎかい)US Congress
連邦議員(べいれんぽうぎいん)US Congress member
(ベイスギ)red cedar (thuja plicata)
(きべい)term used to refer to Japanese-American children (nisei) who were sent by their parents to Japan before WW2 to receive their schooling
輸入(ゆにゅうまい)imported rice
国産(こくさんまい)domestically produced rice
安保条約(にちべいあんぽじょうやく)Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan
親欧路線(しんおうべいろせん)alignment with the Western powers of America and Europe
大統領(べいだいとうりょう)President of the United States of America, US President
軍基地(べいぐんきち)American military base
日本(にほんまい)Japanese rice
(べい)America, USA
国土安全保障省(べいこくどあんぜんほしょうしょう)Department of Homeland Security, DHS