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万 : Ten thousand

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ten thousand, 10,000

On 'yomi:
マン(man) バン(ban)
Kun 'yomi:
かず(kazu)(ma) ゆる(yuru)
Radical: (1)
Usage Rating:375
old JLPT:4
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万 Usage examples

数百に及ぶ(すうひゃくまんにおよぶ)to reach (range) into the millions
軍の主(ばんぐんのしゅ)Lord of hosts
人向きである(ばんにんむきである)to suit all tastes
(まんけん)ten-thousand yen note
力鎖(まんりきぐさり)Ninja weighted chain weapon
遺憾千(いかんせんばん)highly regrettable, utterly deplorable
雲煙(うんえんばんり)limitless expanse of clouds and smoke
雲泥(うんでいばんり)being poles apart, (there being) all the difference in the world
黄塵(こうじんばんじょう)rising cloud of (yellowish) dust
奇怪千(きっかいせんばん)very strange (mysterious, weird), bizarre, monstrous, outrageous
山川(さんせんばんり)being far away across mountains and rivers
波濤(はとうばんり)faraway lands, voyage to faraway lands
不埒千(ふらちせんばん)very insolent, extremely audacious, reprehensible
古不易(ばんこふえき)eternally unchanging
死一生(ばんしいっしょう)advancing in the face of death, having a narrow escape from the jaw of death
(ばんじばんたん)everything, all things, all affairs, all matters
物流転(ばんぶつるてん)all things are in a state of flux, everything is constantly changing
緑一紅(ばんりょくいっこう)one red flower standing out in a sea of green vegetation, one item of quality standing out among many, one woman among many men
迷惑千(めいわくせんばん)great nuisance, extremely annoying, quite embarrassing
用意(よういばんたん)every preparation possible, all aspects of the preparation
年茸(まんねんたけ)bracket fungus (Ganoderma lucidum - formerly Fomes japonicus)
(なんまんねん)tens of thousands of years
千山(せんさんばんすい)many mountains and rivers, a great distance to travel
very rude, very insolent, extremely reprehensible, outrageous
失敬千(しっけいせんばん)extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)
失礼千(しつれいせんばん)extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)
準備(じゅんびばんたん)every preparation (arrangement), all sorts of preparations
心外千(しんがいせんばん)being totally upset (by), being completely nonplused (by), being mortified (at), feeling aggrieved (at), finding (it) highly regrettable
世上(せじょうばんぱん)all the worldly (mundane) matters, everything in this world
千古(せんこばんこ)remote antiquity, ancient times, the remote past
千種(せんしゅばんよう)an infinite variety, multifarious, being extremely varied and wide-ranging
千態(せんたいばんじょう)an endless variety of forms, multifariousness
前程(ぜんていばんり)a bright (rosy) future awaiting one, having the world before one
千代(ちよよろずよ)for ever and ever, (through) eternity, countless ages, till the end of time
天涯(てんがいばんり)very far away, the heavenly shores
天下(てんかばんみん)the whole nation, all the people in the land
唐突千(とうとつせんばん)very sudden, very abrupt
国共通(ばんこくきょうつう)worldwide, common to the whole world, universal
夫不当(ばんぷふとう)being a match for thousands, being a mighty warrior (combatant)
卑怯千(ひきょうせんばん)very mean (sneaky), extremely unsportsmanlike
無礼千(ぶれいせんばん)extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)
平沙(へいさばんり)vast stretch of desert, vast expanse of sandy plain
鵬程(ほうていばんり)(over) a great distance, (a long journey (flight, voyage)) to (from) a faraway place
劫末代(まんごうまつだい)eternity, through all eternity, for evermore, for many generations to come
年青年(まんねんせいねん)man of perennial youth, man who never loses his youthful vigor
無念千(むねんせんばん)being really disappointed, feeling utterly mortified, being deeply vexed
一粒(いちりゅうまんばい)A single seed can eventually produce a great harvest, Even the smallest beginning can generate a greatest profit, Watch the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves
七珍(しっちんまんぽう)the seven treasures and many other precious things, all the treasures in the world
鶴は千年亀は(つるはせんねんかめはまんねん)Cranes live for 1000 years, turtles live for 10,000 years
歳三唱(ばんざいさんしょう)three cheers
寿(まんじゅ)Manju era (1024.7.13-1028.7.25)
(えいまん)Eiman era (1165.6.5-1166.8.27)
(まんじ)Manji era (1658.7.23-1661.4.25)
迂闊千(うかつせんばん)very careless, quite thoughtless
千緒(せんしょばんたん)all sorts of things, all manner of affairs