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六 : Six

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On 'yomi:
ロク(roku) リク(riku)
Kun 'yomi:
(mu) む.つ(mu.tsu) むっ.つ(mu.tsu) むい(mui)
(ku) むつ(mutsu) ろっ(ro) ろつ(rotsu)
Radical: (12)
Usage Rating:93
old JLPT:4
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六 Usage examples

明け(あけむつ)the sixth hour of the morning
十四卦(ろくじゅうしけ)the 64 hexagrams (of the Book of Changes)
(ろくしき)six consciousnesses (i.e. functions of the six sense organs: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and reasoning)
段の調べ(ろくだんのしらべ)rokudan (name of a koto composition)
(ろくどう)the six realms (Deva realm, Asura realm, Human realm, Animal realm, Hungry Ghost realm, Nakara realm)
(しゅうむいか)six days a week
尺棒(ろくしゃくぼう)shoulder pole
南斗(なんとろくせい)Milk Dipper, southern dipper asterism (star pattern) within Sagittarius
(くんろく)ozeki ranked wrestler unable to live up to the expectations of his rank
波羅蜜(ろっぱらみつ)the six virtues (perfections) a Buddha elect practices to attain supreme enlightenment
韜三略(りくとうさんりゃく)two books on the art of war in ancient China, the secrets (essence) of the art of war, secrets of successful life, precepts for living
道輪廻(ろくどうりんね)endless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds
(ろっぷん)six minutes
号記事(ろくごうきじ)(space) filler, fill-in (in magazines, newspapers, etc.)
月病(ろくがつびょう)blues experienced by workplace recruits shortly after beginning work
Edo term used to debase people from Kansai
上方才(かみがたざいろく)people from Kansai
Edo term used to debase people from Kansai, brat
(すけろく)"inari" and "maki" (roll) style sushi
忍び(しのびろくぐ)the six tools of the ninja
the smartest thing in a tight situation is to beat a retreat
(ろっぴゃく)six hundred
つ切り(むつぎり)dividing something into six pieces, something divided into six pieces
国史(りっこくし)Rikkokushi, the six ancient Japanese historical collections compiled between the Nara and Heian periods
(ろくたい)the six historical styles of writing kanji: large seal, small seal, clerical, triangular-swept clerical, running, and cursive