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期 : Period

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period, time, date, term

On 'yomi:
Radical: (74)
Usage Rating:117
old JLPT:2
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期 Usage examples

の水(まつごのみず)attend a dying person
(らいき)next term
(こうき)ideal time
黎明(れいめいき)dawning (of a new era), dawn
手形(たんきてがた)short-term bill
貸付(たんきかしつけ)short-term loan
診断(そうきしんだん)early diagnosis
警戒機(そうきけいかいき)airborne early-warning system, AWACS
(たんきかん)short term, short time
限を延ばす(きげんをのばす)to extend the term, to extend a deadline
日を早める(きじつをはやめる)to advance the date (of)
待薄(きたいうす)not to be depended on, of little hope
(しゅうき)cycle, period
出穂(しゅっすいき)sprouting season (of ears of grain)
便(ていきびん)regular service
平安後(へいあんこうき)late Heian period
外れ(どうきはずれ)synchronisation loss (in digital communications), synchronization loss
移行(いこうきかん)period of transition (e.g. from old to new system)
休暇(かききゅうか)summer vacation, summer holidays
形成(けいせいき)formative period (e.g. of nation), formative year
結婚適齢(けっこんてきれいき)marriageable age
厳冬(げんとうき)coldest period
後半(こうはんき)the last half-year, second half of the year
試験(しけんきかん)test (testing) period
自転周(じてんしゅうき)rotation period
成長(せいちょうき)growth period, growing season
試験(ぜんきしけん)midyear examinations
発見(そうきはっけん)early detection (of an illness)
決戦(たんきけっせん)decisive battle of brief duration
集中講座(たんきしゅうちゅうこうざ)short, intensive course
通勤定(つうきんていき)commutation ticket, season ticket
検診(ていきけんしん)periodic medical check-up (examination)
試験(ていきしけん)regular (periodic) examination
昇給(ていきしょうきゅう)regular (annual) pay raise
乗車券(ていきじょうしゃけん)season ticket, commutation (commuter) ticket
(ていきせん)regularly-scheduled game (match)
提出(ていしゅつきげん)(submission) deadline
休暇(とうききゅうか)winter vacation (holidays)
納付(のうふきげん)deadline for payment
保証(ほしょうきかん)term of guarantee, warranty period
症状(まっきしょうじょう)terminal symptoms, sign of the approaching end
(まんきじつ)due date, date of maturity, expiration date, date of expiry
有効(ゆうこうきげん)term of validity, period for which (a ticket) is available (valid)
間氷(かんぴょうき)interglacial period (epoch), interglacial
(まいき)every term
会合周(かいごうしゅうき)synodic period
換羽(かんうき)molting season
四半収益(しはんきしゅうえき)quarterly earnings
四半収益発表(しはんきしゅうえきはっぴょう)quarterly earnings announcement
大統領(じきだいとうりょう)next president, president-elect
睡眠周(すいみんしゅうき)sleep cycle
政府短証券(せいふたんきしょうけん)financing bill, FB
退職(そうきたいしょく)early retirement
退職制度(そうきたいしょくせいど)early retirement program, early retirement programme
ローン(たんきローン)short-term loan