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月 : Month

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month, moon (radical 74)

On 'yomi:
ゲツ(getsu) ガツ(gatsu)
Kun 'yomi:
おと(oto) がっ(ga)(su) ずき(zuki) もり(mori)
Radical: (74)
Usage Rating:23
old JLPT:4
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月 Usage examples

立ち待ち(たちまちづき)17-day-old moon
弓張り(ゆみはりづき)crescent moon
(せつげっか)snow, moon, and flowers, beauty of the four seasons (from a poem by Bai Juyi)
短日(たんじつげつ)short period of time
足らず(つきたらず)premature birth
(かくげつかん)published bimonthly
(がいげつ)tenth month of the lunar calendar
給が上がる(げっきゅうがあがる)to get a raise in salary
謝を納める(げっしゃをおさめる)to pay a school fee
(げっしょう)monthly sales
(げっそう)phase of the moon
(げつおう)middle of the month
(げつきん)Mondays and Fridays
(こうげつ)bright white moon
新正(しんしょうがつ)January (according to the new calendar)
(そうげつりゅう)Sogetsu school of flower arrangement
parking lot rented on a monthly basis
を眺める(つきをながめる)to gaze at the moon
(やすげっきゅう)low salary
(りょうげつ)bright moonlight
(れんげつに)name of a famous Buddhist nun
丸一(まるひとつき)the whole month, all the month
the whole month, all the month
皆既(かいきげっしょく)total eclipse of the moon
の出(つきので)moonrise, rise of the moon
の入り(つきのいり)moonset, moondown
(ごがつさい)May Day, May Festival
製造年(せいぞうねんがっぴ)date of manufacture
例経済報告(げつれいけいざいほうこく)monthly economic report
平均(へいきんげっしゅう)average monthly salary
(ぜんげつ)last month, previous month
夜見の尊(つくよみのみこと)Moon God, Tsukuyomi no Mikoto, brother of Amaterasu
星辰(にちげつせいしん)the sun, the moon and the stars, the heavenly bodies
海底撈(かいていろうげつ)totally useless (fruitless) effort, wasting time on an impossible task (like trying to scoop up a reflected moon from the bottom of the sea)
鏡花水(きょうかすいげつ)something that is visible but having no substance, the subtle and profound beauty of poems that cannot be described in words
下推敲(げっかすいこう)polish, elaboration, being very scrupulous in the choice of diction
給泥棒(げっきゅうどろぼう)freeloader, slacker, lazy worker who does not deserve his salary
弧城落(こじょうらくげつ)feeling apprehensive, feeling (looking) lone and helpless, being down-and-out (ruined), helplessness of those in reduced circumstances
閉花(しゅうげつへいか)the charms of a uniquely beautiful woman, (so beautiful that) the moon is abashed and flowers wilt
人物(じんぶつげったん)character sketch, comments on personalities
清風明(せいふうめいげつ)refreshing breeze and the bright moon, a beautiful nocturnal scene with a full moon
羞花(へいげつしゅうか)charms of a uniquely beautiful woman, great beauty, (so beautiful that) the moon hides and flowers are abashed
三日(みかづきまゆ)arched eyebrows
three months ago
雨式(さみだれしき)off and on manner, intermittent style, dragging on and on
(しがつびょう)euphoria experienced by college students or workplace recruits at the beginning of school or work
(ろくがつびょう)blues experienced by workplace recruits shortly after beginning work
(つきしろ)shaved part of the forehead
(がつ)month (of the year), used after number or question word (e.g. nan or nani)
太陰(たいいんげつ)lunar month