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協 : Co-

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co-, cooperation

On 'yomi:
Radical: (24)
Usage Rating:121
old JLPT:2
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協 Usage examples

官と民の(かんとみんのきょうりょく)cooperation between the private and public sectors
(けいきょう)management association, management conference, management institute
平和(へいわきょうりょく)peace collaboration
国際(こくさいきょうてい)international agreement, accord
(だきょうてん)(find) common (meeting) ground
日米構造(にちべいこうぞうきょうぎ)Structural Impediments Initiative talks, SII
スワップ(スワップきょうてい)swap agreement
多国間(たこくかんきょうぎ)multilateral conference, multilateral negotiations
アジア太平洋経済力会議(アジアたいへいようけいざいきょうりょくかいぎ)Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, APEC
相互(そうごきょうりょく)bilateral cooperation
太平洋経済力会議(たいへいようけいざいきょうりょくかいぎ)Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, PECC
停戦(ていせんきょうてい)cease-fire deal
ガイアナ同共和国(ガイアナきょうどうきょうわこく)Co-operative Republic of Guyana
議書(きょうぎしょ)memorandum of agreement, agreement, memorandum of understanding, MOU, letter of intent, heads of agreement
会旅費(きょうかいりょひ)travel allowance paid to salaried wrestlers for tournaments held outside Tokyo
自治体国際化(じちたいこくさいかきょうかい)Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, CLAIR
平和(へいわきょうぎ)peace conference
一致(いっちきょうりょく)combined (concerted) efforts, solidarity, joining forces (with)
鳩首(きゅうしゅきょうぎ)put heads together and confer, convene and discuss, go into a huddle (over)
心戮力(きょうしんりくりょく)combined (concerted) efforts, solidarity, joining forces (with)
力一致(きょうりょくいっち)combined (concerted) efforts, solidarity, joining forces (with)
力態勢(きょうりょくたいせい)readiness to cooperate, framework for cooperation
戮力(りくりょくきょうしん)combined (concerted) efforts, solidarity, joining forces (with)
和衷(わちゅうきょうどう)harmonious cooperation, close cooperation
自殺(じさつきょうてい)suicide pact
欧州政治(おうしゅうせいじきょうりょく)European Political Co-operation, EPC
(ぎょきょう)fishery cooperative
国際平和(こくさいへいわきょうりょく)international peace cooperation
調関係(きょうちょうかんけい)cooperative relationship, partnership
国際調主義(こくさいきょうちょうしゅぎ)principle (or ideology) of international cooperation
力合意(きょうりょくごうい)agreement to cooperate
産学(さんがくきょうどう)industry-university cooperation
産学同体(さんがくきょうどうたい)educational-industrial complex
認知的不(にんちてきふきょうわ)cognitive dissonance
一般(いっぱんきょうてい)general agreement