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公 : Public

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public, prince, official, governmental

On 'yomi:
Kun 'yomi:
あきら(akira)(ki) きみ(kimi) きん(kin) たか(taka) ただし(tadashi) とも(tomo) ひろ(hiro) まさ(masa)
Radical: (12)
Usage Rating:118
old JLPT:2
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公 Usage examples

(ろうこう)elderly nobleman
益を図る(こうえきをはかる)to labor (labour) for the public good, to work for the public good
開の席(こうかいのせき)in public
(こうじゅう)apartment house built by the Japan Housing Corporation
連合(しゃこうれんごう)coalition of the Socialist Party and the Komeito
(じこうみん)Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito and Democratic Socialist Party
ポリ(ポリこう)police, policeman, police officer
安委員会(こうあんいいんかい)public safety commission
開練習(こうかいれんしゅう)public workout
開録音(こうかいろくおん)public recording
害対策(こうがいたいさく)anti-pollution measures
職選挙法(こうしょくせんきょほう)Public Office Election Law
転速度(こうてんそくど)orbital speed
選挙(せんきょこうほう)official gazette for elections
地方共団体(ちほうこうきょうだんたい)local public body
(ワカサギ)Japanese pond smelt (Hypomesus nipponensis)
権力(こうけんりょく)public power, governmental authority
コンソル(コンソルこうさい)consolidated annuities, consols
宇宙(うちゅうこうがい)space environmental pollution
永久(えいきゅうこうさい)perpetual bond
(なまりこうがい)lead pollution
外国為替認銀行(がいこくかわせこうにんぎんこう)authorized foreign exchange bank, authorised foreign exchange bank
株式開買付制度(かぶしきこうかいかいつけせいど)tender offer, take-over bid, TOB
国家安委員会(こっかこうあんいいんかい)National Public Safety Commission
害等調整委員会(こうがいとうちょうせいいいんかい)Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission
安審査委員会(こうあんしんさいいんかい)Public Security Examination Commission
衆送信権(こうしゅうそうしんけん)public transmission rights (e.g. putting copyrightable material on the WWW or an FTP server)
企業(こうきぎょう)public corporation
共事業費(こうきょうじぎょうひ)public-works spending
権的解釈(こうけんてきかいしゃく)official interpretation or construction (e.g. of a law)
債市場(こうさいいちば)bond market
設秘書(こうせつひしょ)government-paid secretary
的債務(こうてきさいむ)sovereign debt
的資金(こうてきしきん)public funds, public money
情報開条例(じょうほうこうかいじょうれい)information-disclosure ordinance
騒音(そうおんこうがい)noise pollution
開株式(みこうかいかぶしき)private equity
傷制度(こうしょうせいど)official injury exemption system, system for exempting players injured in an official match from pay reduction or demotion
私混同(こうしこんどう)intermingling of public policy with private interest, mixing up official business with personal affairs
務中(こうむちゅう)on duty
務員管理職(こうむいんかんりしょく)executive positions in the civil service
凱旋(がいせんこうえん)performance given after a successful tour abroad
近隣(きんりんこうがい)(noise, smell, air, water) pollution in the neighborhood
正無私(こうせいむし)fair and impartial, just and unselfish
女中奉(じょちゅうぼうこう)domestic service, working as a housemaid, domestic help, domestic helper
白昼(はくちゅうこうぜん)openly and in broad daylight
武家奉(ぶけぼうこう)service with a samurai family, serving in a samurai household (as a valet, chambermaid, etc.)
(じこう)Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito
(こうじょ)rescue and assistance (by public bodies) (e.g. in time of disaster)
アメ(アメこう)American person, Yankee
イタ(イタこう)Italian person
国家安委員会委員長(こっかこうあんいいんかいいいんちょう)National Public Safety Commission Chairman
害車(ていこうがいしゃ)low-emission vehicle
言してはばからない(こうげんしてはばからない)having no hesitation in stating, having no hesitation in declaring
(むこうがい)unpolluted, non-polluting
(せんこう)previous ruler, previous lord, lord of the previous generation