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kanji list - Grade 2

Japanese school grade 2 kanji group. There are about 160 kanji characters that are taught in grade 2 at Japanese schools.

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pull, tugfeathers (radical 124)cloudpark, gardendistant, faryellow (radical (201)whatsummerhouse, homedepartment, coursesong, singbrush-stroke, picturemeeting, meet-times, roundsea, oceanpicture, drawingoutsideangle, cornermusic, comfortlively, resuscitationinterval, spaceround, full (month)boulder, rockface, expressionhomecoming, arrive atvapor, steamscribe, accountbow, archery bowcowfish (radical 195)capital, 10**16strongteach, faithnear, earlyelder brother, big brothershape, formplot, planbeginning, former timemeadow, originalsay (radical 149)olddoor, counter for housesnoon, sign of the horsebehind, backword, speechmingle, mixingray, lightpublic, princecraft, constructionwide, broadconsider, think overgoing, carry outtall, expensivefit, suitcountryblack (radical 203)nowgenius, years olddainty, get thinmake, productioncalculate, diviningelder sistermarket, citythinkstop, halt (radical 77)paperBuddhist templetime, houroneself (radical 132)room, apartmentcompany, firmweak, frailneck (radical 185)autumnweekspringtime, spring (season)writefew, littlelocation, placecolor (radical 139)eat, food (radical 184)heart, mindnewparent, intimacymap, drawingnumber, strengthstar, spotclear upvoice西west, Spaincut, cutoffsnowline, trackship, boatin front, beforeassociation, braidrun (radical 156many, frequentplump, thickbody, substancepedestal, a standvalley (radical 150)know, wisdomground, earthpond, cisternteadaytime, noonmorning, dynastylong, leaderbird (radical 196)straightaway, honestytraffic, pass throughyounger brother, faithful service to eldersstore, shopspot, pointelectricitywintersword, sabereasthit, rightsolution, answerhead, counter for large animalssame, agreeroad-way, streetreadinside, withinsouthmeat (radical 130)horse (radical 187)buysellbarley, wheathalf, middleturn, number in a seriesfather (radical 88)air, wind (radical 182)hear, askrice (radical 119)walk, counter for stepsmotherdirection, personnorthyounger sistereveryten thousand, 10bright, lightchirp, cryfur, hairgate (radical 169)night, eveningplains, fieldarrow (radical 111)friendweekdayutilize, businesscome, duelogic, arrangementtale, talk