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kanji list - Grade 6

Japanese school grade 6 kanji group. There are about 180 kanji characters that are taught in grade 6 at Japanese schools.

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uncommon, different bequeath, leave behind range, region eaves, roof reflect, reflection prolong, stretching 沿run alongside, follow along ego, I ashes, puckery juice broaden, extend tower, tall building skin, reform proportion, comparatively stocks, stump scroll, volume dry, parch watch over, see simplicity, brevity dangerous, fear brandish, wave desk, table precious, value doubt, distrust suck, imbibe submit, offer bosom, breast home town, village diligence, become employed muscle, sinew awe, respect lineage, system admonish, commandment drama, play violent, get excited hole, aperture constitution, law authority, power silk stern, strictness source, origin call, call out to self (radical 49) mistake, err empress, queen emperor crimson, deep red steel descend, precipitate engrave, cut fine cereals, grain skeleton, remains quandary, become distressed sand squat, seat finish, come to an end tailor, judge scheme, plan tome, counter for books silkworm 姿figure, form private, I climax, result in inspection, regard as part of speech, words document, records magnet, porcelain shoot, shine into discard, throw away shaku, Japanese foot young, if timber, trees income, obtain religion, sect concerning, settle masses, great numbers accompany, obey vertical, length shrink, contract mellow, ripen genuine, purity dispose, manage signature, govt office various, many exclude, division (x/3) wound, hurt leader, commander hinder, hurt castle steam, heat needle, pin humanity, virtue droop, suspend conjecture, infer measurement, tenth of a shaku boom, prosper holy, saint sincerity, admonish proclaim, say specialty, exclusive spring, fountain wash, inquire into dye, color virtuous, good genesis, wound play music, speak to a ruler stratum, social class maneuver, manipulate window, pane attire, dress entrails, viscera storehouse, hide exist, suppose revered, valuable home, house shouldering, carry grope, search nativity, be born warmth grade, steps price, cost mid-air, air loyalty, fidelity renowned, publish government office tide, salt water place on the head, receive fare, fee pain, hurt unfold, expand party, faction sugar chastise, attack deliver, reach difficult, impossible milk, breasts acknowledge, witness settlement, obtain brain, memory faction, group haiku, actor worship, adore stature, height lungs squad, corps nightfall, night negate, no criticism, strike secret, conceal abdomen, belly stirred up, be invigorated row, and closed, shut highness, steps (of throne) one-sided, leaf supplement, supply treasure, wealth call on, visit deceased, the late forget rod, stick sheet of..., counter for flat thin objects or sheets curtain, bunting secrecy, density (pop) alliance, oath imitation, copy translate, reason tenderness, excel mail, stagecoach stop infancy, childhood longing, covetousness the following, next riot, war egg, ovum perusal, see back, amidst rhythm, law look to, face melodious, clear argument, discourse