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kanji list - Grade 2

Japanese school grade 2 kanji group. There are about 160 kanji characters that are taught in grade 2 at Japanese schools.

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pull, tug feathers (radical 124) cloud park, garden distant, far yellow (radical (201) what summer house, home department, course song, sing brush-stroke, picture meeting, meet -times, round sea, ocean picture, drawing outside angle, corner music, comfort lively, resuscitation interval, space round, full (month) boulder, rock face, expression homecoming, arrive at vapor, steam scribe, account bow, archery bow cow fish (radical 195) capital, 10**16 strong teach, faith near, early elder brother, big brother shape, form plot, plan beginning, former time meadow, original say (radical 149) old door, counter for houses noon, sign of the horse behind, back word, speech mingle, mixing ray, light public, prince craft, construction wide, broad consider, think over going, carry out tall, expensive fit, suit country black (radical 203) now genius, years old dainty, get thin make, production calculate, divining elder sister market, city think stop, halt (radical 77) paper Buddhist temple time, hour oneself (radical 132) room, apartment company, firm weak, frail neck (radical 185) autumn week springtime, spring (season) write few, little location, place color (radical 139) eat, food (radical 184) heart, mind new parent, intimacy map, drawing number, strength star, spot clear up voice 西west, Spain cut, cutoff snow line, track ship, boat in front, before association, braid run (radical 156 many, frequent plump, thick body, substance pedestal, a stand valley (radical 150) know, wisdom ground, earth pond, cistern tea daytime, noon morning, dynasty long, leader bird (radical 196) straightaway, honesty traffic, pass through younger brother, faithful service to elders store, shop spot, point electricity winter sword, saber east hit, right solution, answer head, counter for large animals same, agree road-way, street read inside, within south meat (radical 130) horse (radical 187) buy sell barley, wheat half, middle turn, number in a series father (radical 88) air, wind (radical 182) hear, ask rice (radical 119) walk, counter for steps mother direction, person north younger sister every ten thousand, 10 bright, light chirp, cry fur, hair gate (radical 169) night, evening plains, field arrow (radical 111) friend weekday utilize, business come, due logic, arrangement tale, talk