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kanji list - Grade 4

Japanese school grade 4 kanji group. There are about 200 kanji characters that are taught in grade 4 at Japanese schools.

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love, affection plan, suggestion by means of, because rank, grade surround, besiege stomach, paunch garment, clothes stamp, seal flourish, prosperity England, English salt hundred million, 10**8 add, addition fruit, reward chapter, lesson freight, goods bud, sprout reformation, change contraption, fetter harm, injury boulevard, street each, every memorize, learn perfect, completion bureaucrat, the government pipe, tube outlook, look connection, barrier petition, request rejoice, take pleasure in utensil, vessel hope, beg national flag, banner loom, mechanism seasons chronicle, account deliberation, consultation salvation, save request, want cry, weep salary, wage raise, plan fishing, fishery emulate, compete with together, both co-, cooperation mirror, speculum poles, settlement instruction, Japanese character reading army, force county, district mould, type diameter, path scenery, view technique, art lack, gap tie, bind healthy, health build verification, effect harden, set climate, season achievement, merits fond, pleasing ease, peace navigate, sail revelation, tell distinction, difference utmost, most vegetable, side dish lumber, log yesterday, previous printing, print guess, presume tag, paper money kill, murder nonplussed, three (in documents) scatter, disperse products, bear remainder, leftover director, official history, chronicle gentleman, samurai family name, surname test, try newborn babe, child reign, be at peace resign, word lose, error borrow, rent species, kind circumference, circuit celebrate, congratulate obey, order first time, beginning chant, recite pine tree bake, burning illuminate, shine focus, government ministry laugh elephant, pattern after prize, reward faith, truth minister, official (radical 131) turn into, become pure, purify quiet seat, mat volume, product (x*y) fold, break node, season opinion, theory war, battle shallow, superficial elect, select sort of thing, so godown, warehouse nest, rookery contend, dispute side, lean bundle, sheaf continue, series graduate, soldier grandchild, descendants sash, belt regiment, party accomplished, reach simple, one placement, put go-between, relationship savings, store portent, 10**12 intestines, guts lower, short halt, stopping bottom, sole code, ceremony transmit, go along on foot, junior toil, diligent lamp, a light work, (kokuji) public chamber, hall gain, get special poison, virus heat, temperature wish, sense failure, defeat plum Dr., command meal, boiled rice expense, cost fly (radical 183) invariably, certain signpost, seal ballot, label negative, non- adhere, attach husband, man borough, urban prefecture vice-, assistant flour, powder soldier, private separate, branch off unusual, change environs, boundary 便convenience, facility wrap, pack up method, law ambition, full moon breed, care for end, close full, fullness un-, not yet vein, pulse people, nation promise, approximately courage, cheer up need, main point foster, bring up bathe, be favored with profit, advantage land, six fee, materials good, pleasing quantity, measure wheel, ring sort, kind orders, ancient laws example, custom cool, cold (beer curriculum, continuation take along, lead labor, thank for old age, grow old record