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kanji list - Grade 5

Japanese school grade 5 kanji group. There are about 185 kanji characters that are taught in grade 5 at Japanese schools.

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pressure, push easy, ready to shift, move cause, factor occupation, camp eternity, long defense, protection fluid, liquid benefit, gain performance, act journey, travel apply, answer grace, kindness sham, temporary value, price river overdo, exceed congratulations, joy unravel, notes cheerful, pleasant status, rank assurance, firm forehead, tablet publish, carve tree trunk accustomed, get used to eyeball fundamentals, radical (chem) draw near, stop in standard, measure skill, art righteousness, justice inverted, reverse long time, old story old times, old things reside, to be permit, approve boundary, border entertain, revive level, average prohibition, ban phrase, clause flock, group sutra, longitude undefiled, pure affair, case ticket examination, investigate precipitous, inaccessible place dwindle, decrease present, existing limit, restrict individual, counter for articles happenstance, especially safeguard, protect merit, efficacy thick, heavy posture, build till, plow lecture, club mineral, ore mix, blend investigate again, twice wife, spouse pick, take disaster, calamity occasion, side exist, outskirts guilt, sin property, money cherry miscellaneous approve, praise acid, bitterness expert, teacher intention, plan branch, support bough, branch assets, resources domesticate, raise becoming, resemble show, indicate discriminating, know substance, quality cottage, inn apologize, thank impart, instruct discipline, conduct oneself well art, technique mention, state semi-, correspond to preface, beginning acquiesce, hear beckon, invite evidence, proof usual, ordinary feelings, emotion article, clause status quo, conditions weave, fabric post, employment system, law forces, energy sex, gender politics, government refined, ghost made in..., manufacture tax, duty exploits, achievements blame, condemn touch, contact establishment, provision discontinue, beyond tongue (radical 135) coin, .01 yen ancestor, pioneer elementary, principle general, whole statue, picture increase, add create, make rule, follow fathom, plan belong, genus damage, loss attitude, condition lend 退retreat, withdraw group, association severance, decline fabricate, build lengthen, counter for bows & stringed instruments propose, take along extent, degree enemy, foe suitable, occasional overall, relationship guidance, leading copper benevolence, virtue single, alone responsibility, duty burn, blaze ability, talent rend, rip judgement, signature printing block, printing plate crime, sin compare, race fertilizer, get fat mistake, negative equip, provision bag, bale evaluate, criticism poverty, poor lady, woman wealth, enrich linen, cloth warrior, military restore, return to duplicate, double Buddha, the dead compilation, knit valve, petal protect, guarantee grave, tomb report, news bountiful, excellent outburst, rave 貿trade, exchange ward off, defend task, duties dream, vision astray, be perplexed 綿cotton transport, send too much, myself deposit, custody contain, form ratio, rate abbreviation, omission detain, fasten jurisdiction, dominion