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JLPT N2 kanji list

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 kanji group. Click on the kanji for more information.

As of 2010, there is no official JLPT kanji list. This list is compiled from the pre-2010 official JLPT 2 list.

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pressure, push reliant, depend on surround, besiege committee, entrust to shift, move stomach, paunch garment, clothes range, region stamp, seal eaves, roof feathers (radical 124) cloud occupation, camp flourish, prosperity eternity, long pointed, sharpness fluid, liquid prolong, stretching salt dirty, pollute center, middle heart, interior Europe yellow (radical (201) hundred million, 10**8 warm river baggage, shoulder-pole load candy, cakes chapter, lesson freight, goods jammed in, shellfish cheerful, pleasant reformation, change contraption, fetter ashes, puckery juice storey, stair shellfish (radical 154) each, every angle, corner skin, reform forehead, tablet drought, dry publish, carve scroll, volume dry, parch afflicted, disease interchange, period sweat, perspire sweet, coax pipe, tube simplicity, brevity tin can, container round, full (month) contain, include beach boulder, rock hope, beg desk, table pray, wish seasons skill, art consume, eat packed, close inverted, reverse long time, old story old times, old things gigantic, big fishing, fishery emulate, compete with co-, cooperation shout, exclaim boundary, border pinch, between bridge condition, situation bosom, breast poles, settlement jewel (radical 96) level, average prohibition, ban ward, district corner, nook dig, delve instruction, Japanese character reading flock, group army, force lean, incline mould, type awe, respect lightly, trifling technique, art drama, play blood (radical 143) ticket prefecture shoulder intelligent, wise flats, counter for houses dwindle, decrease individual, counter for articles harden, set warehouse, storehouse door, counter for houses wither, die lake employ, hire merit, efficacy thick, heavy stiff, hard crimson, deep red till, plow agreement, consent navigate, sail laid waste, rough lecture, club outskirts, suburbs mineral, ore incense, perfume loins, hips skeleton, remains root, radical mix, blend investigate sand again, twice pick, take ritual, offer prayers dainty, get thin vegetable, side dish lumber, log slope, incline blossom, bloom tome, counter for books printing, print tag, paper money dish (radical 108) calculate, divining pay respects, visit thorn, pierce history, chronicle bough, branch thread (radical 120) fat, grease part of speech, words document, records newborn babe, child Buddhist temple 湿damp, wet discard, throw away weak, frail circumference, circuit state, province pick up, gather boat (radical 137) tender, weakness celebrate, congratulate mention, state semi-, correspond to genuine, purity obey, order signature, govt office various, many seduce, call leader, commander bed, counter for beds acquiesce, hear rise up bake, burning illuminate, shine focus, government ministry badge, chapter introduce, inherit elephant, pattern after prize, reward castle tatami mat, counter for tatami mats steam, heat plant contact, touch expand, stretch forest, woods minister, official (radical 131) spicy, bitter needle, pin quake, shake forces, energy surname star, spot pure, purify tax, duty vessels, counter for ships enroll, domiciliary register exploits, achievements tracks, mark touch, contact establishment, provision fortune-telling, divining specialty, exclusive spring, fountain shallow, superficial line, track pair, set stratum, social class search, look for sweep, brush parch, dry up general, whole attire, dress statue, picture hate, detest entrails, viscera storehouse, hide presents, send create, make rule, follow fathom, plan graduate, soldier grandchild, descendants revered, valuable damage, loss village, town sash, belt exchange, spare sack, bag laundry, wash valley (radical 150) shouldering, carry charcoal, coal short, brevity group, association pond, cistern fabricate, build livestock, domestic fowl and animals bamboo (radical 118) go-between, relationship pillar, post bug (radical 142) stop-over, reside in renowned, publish savings, store portent, 10**12 government office transcend, super- sink, be submerged rare, curious lower, short halt, stopping bottom, sole mud, mire drip, drop iron 殿Mr., hall paint, plaster party, faction frozen, congeal pagoda, tower island hot water, bath lamp, a light cylinder, pipe guidance, leading juvenile, child copper poison, virus deliver, reach cloudy weather, cloud up dull, slow soft milk, breasts burn, blaze trouble, worry concentrated, thick brain, memory agriculture, farmers waves, billows worship, adore double, twice overnight stay, put up at dilute, thin bomb, burst open barley, wheat texture, skin plank, board printing block, printing plate carrier, carry marketing, sell compare, race pelt, skin incur, cover nose (radical 209) equal, head writing brush, writing icicle, ice second (1/60 minute) bottle, vial linen, cloth borough, urban prefecture universal, wide(ly) token, sign skin, body warrior, military seal, closing vice-, assistant restore, return to hanging scroll, width duplicate, double seethe, boil Buddha, the dead flour, powder soldier, private row, and one-sided, leaf compilation, knit environs, boundary supplement, supply recruit, campaign wrap, pack up treasure, wealth bountiful, excellent cap, headgear outburst, rave rod, stick 貿trade, exchange ward off, defend grind, polish bury, be filled up sheet of..., counter for flat thin objects or sheets 綿cotton fur, hair gate (radical 169) oil, fat transport, send courage, cheer up mail, stagecoach stop deposit, custody infancy, childhood melt, dissolve jump, dance bathe, be favored with the following, next entwine, coil around riot, war egg, ovum back, amidst land, six rhythm, law abbreviation, omission grains, drop complete, finish refreshing, nice and cool heal, cure quantity, measure jurisdiction, dominion green grove, forest wheel, ring tears, sympathy orders, ancient laws zero, spill age curriculum, continuation romance, in love practice, gloss record gulf, bay arm, ability several