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JLPT N4 kanji list

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 kanji group. Click on the kanji for more information.

As of 2010, there is no official JLPT kanji list. This list is compiled from the pre-2010 official JLPT 3 list.

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bad, vice relax, cheap by means of, because idea, mind doctor, medicine employee, member drink, smoke Inst., institution carry, luck reflect, reflection England, English station roof, house sound, noise (radical 180) summer house, home song, sing flower brush-stroke, picture meeting, meet sea, ocean world, boundary open, unfold music, comfort China, Chinese building, mansion homecoming, arrive at rouse, wake up hurry, emergency research, study cow gone, past fish (radical 195) capital, 10**16 strong teach, faith business, vocation near, early silver empty, sky elder brother, big brother plot, plan build dog polish, study of verification, effect beginning, former time say (radical 149) old public, prince mouth craft, construction wide, broad consider, think over black (radical 203) make, production attend, doing 使use, send on a mission commence, begin elder sister think stop, halt (radical 77) death, die private, I paper test, try matter, thing character, letter hold, have oneself (radical 132) room, apartment substance, quality copy, be photographed company, firm someone, person borrow, rent lord, chief hand autumn end, finish learn week gather, meet dwell, reside heavy, heap up springtime, spring (season) few, little location, place color (radical 139) heart, mind new true, reality parent, intimacy map, drawing generation, world correct, justice blue green (radical 174) red (radical 155) cut, cutoff early, fast run (radical 156 escort, send leg, foot (radical 157) tribe, family many, frequent body, substance wait, depend on lend substitute, change pedestal, a stand topic, subject know, wisdom ground, earth tea don, arrive daytime, noon pour, irrigate morning, dynasty town, village bird (radical 196) traffic, pass through younger brother, faithful service to elders store, shop revolve, turn around rice field (radical 102) degrees, occurrence winter solution, answer move, motion same, agree public chamber, hall road-way, street special meat (radical 130) buy sell departure, discharge meal, boiled rice ill, sick goods, refinement negative, non- air, wind (radical 182) clothing, admit thing, object sentence, literature separate, branch off exertion, endeavour walk, counter for steps direction, person younger sister flavor, taste bright, light eye, class question, ask night, evening plains, field possess, have evening weekday ocean, western style utilize, business logic, arrangement rise, stand (radical 117) trip, travel fee, materials power, strength