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kanji list - Grade 3

Japanese school grade 3 kanji group. There are about 200 kanji characters that are taught in grade 3 at Japanese schools.

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bad, vice relax, cheap darkness, disappear committee, entrust to idea, mind doctor, medicine bring up, grow up employee, member drink, smoke Inst., institution carry, luck swim station center, middle sideways, side roof, house warm change, take the form of baggage, shoulder-pole load world, boundary open, unfold storey, stair cold emotion, feeling China, Chinese building, mansion beach period, time rouse, wake up guest, visitor Shinto shrine, constellations hurry, emergency ball, sphere research, study class, rank gone, past bridge business, vocation bureau, board bend, music silver ward, district suffering, trial tool, utensil mister, you person in charge, connection lightly, trifling decide, fix blood (radical 143) polish, study of prefecture warehouse, storehouse lake yonder, facing happiness, blessing harbor nickname, number root, radical ritual, offer prayers slope, incline dish (radical 108) attend, doing 使use, send on a mission commence, begin finger, point to death, die poem, poetry tooth, cog matter, thing hold, have next, order style, ceremony reality, truth copy, be photographed someone, person lord, chief take, fetch guard, protect sake, alcohol accept, undergo state, province pick up, gather end, finish learn gather, meet dwell, reside heavy, heap up 宿inn, lodging place sultry, hot help, rescue victory, win make a deal, selling shining, bright extinguish, blow out badge, chapter ride, power plant deep, heighten have the honor to, sign of the monkey true, reality gods, mind advance, proceed generation, world organize, arranging once upon a time, antiquity whole, entire concept, think inter-, mutual escort, send breath, respiration quick, fast tribe, family other, another strike, hit vis-a-vis, opposite wait, depend on substitute, change No., residence topic, subject charcoal, coal short, brevity discuss, talk don, arrive pillar, post pour, irrigate street, ward notebook, account book 調tune, tone chase, drive away determine, fix courtyard, garden flute, clarinet iron revolve, turn around ascend, climb up metropolis, capital degrees, occurrence island throw, discard hot water, bath etc., and so forth bean (radical 151) move, motion juvenile, child agriculture, farmers waves, billows distribute, spouse double, twice box, chest departure, discharge anti- plank, board grieve, sad pelt, skin beauty, beautiful nose (radical 209) writing brush, writing icicle, ice surface, table ill, sick second (1/60 minute) goods, refinement defeat, negative section, bureau clothing, admit blessing, fortune thing, object even, flat return, answer exertion, endeavour set free, release flavor, taste fate, command mask, face (radical 176) question, ask duty, war medicine, chemical oil, fat possess, have wherefore, a reason play beforehand, previous Esq., way ocean, western style sheep (radical 123) leaf, plane sunshine, yang principle fall, drop current, a sink trip, travel both, old Japanese coin green salute, bow file, row practice, gloss path, route harmony, Japanese style