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JLPT N3 kanji list

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 kanji group. Click on the kanji for more information.

As of 2010, there is no official JLPT kanji list. This list is compiled from the pre-2010 official JLPT 2 list.

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love, affection darkness, disappear rank, grade admirable, greatness easy, ready to difference, differ bring up, grow up cause, factor pull, tug swim surpass, cross over park, garden performance, act smoke distant, far push, stop sideways, side king, rule change, take the form of add, addition department, course fruit, reward overdo, exceed unravel, notes -times, round all, everything picture, drawing harm, injury status, rank assurance, firm memorize, learn hang, suspend proportion, comparatively lively, resuscitation cold perfect, completion bureaucrat, the government emotion, feeling accustomed, get used to outlook, look connection, barrier face, expression petition, request dangerous, fear rejoice, take pleasure in draw near, stop in how many, how much period, time loom, mechanism standard, measure scribe, account doubt, distrust deliberation, consultation guest, visitor suck, imbibe request, want ball, sphere salary, wage reside, to be permit, approve submit, offer together, both fear, dread bureau, board bend, music diligence, become employed suffering, trial tool, utensil accidentally, even number shoes mister, you person in charge, connection shape, form scenery, view sutra, longitude admonish, commandment welcome, meet lack, gap decide, fix affair, case authority, power precipitous, inaccessible place meadow, original present, existing limit, restrict call, call out to mutually, reciprocally honorable, manipulate mistake, err mingle, mixing climate, season ray, light yonder, facing fond, pleasing happiness, blessing grow late, night watch posture, build harbor descend, precipitate nickname, number fit, suit engrave, cut fine revelation, tell crowded, mixture quandary, become distressed marriage distinction, difference squat, seat utmost, most wife, spouse genius, years old year-end, age finish, come to an end occasion, side exist, outskirts guilt, sin property, money yesterday, previous guess, presume kill, murder miscellaneous nonplussed, three (in documents) scatter, disperse products, bear approve, praise remainder, leftover market, city expert, teacher finger, point to branch, support assets, resources tooth, cog becoming, resemble next, order reign, be at peace show, indicate ear (radical 128) resign, word style, ceremony discriminating, know lose, error reality, truth young, if take, fetch guard, protect species, kind sake, alcohol neck (radical 185) accept, undergo income, obtain 宿inn, lodging art, technique dispose, manage first time, beginning place thong, beginning help, rescue exclude, division (x/3) victory, win make a deal, selling beckon, invite extinguish, blow out laugh ride, power usual, ordinary feelings, emotion status quo, conditions post, employment faith, truth lie down, sleep deep, heighten have the honor to, sign of the monkey gods, mind advance, proceed blow, breathe number, strength system, law sex, gender turn into, become politics, government clear up refined, ghost voice quiet seat, mat once upon a time, antiquity stone (radical 112) volume, product (x*y) blame, condemn fold, break opinion, theory snow discontinue, beyond war, battle wash, inquire into ship, boat elect, select sort of thing, so whole, entire ancestor, pioneer association, braid concept, think contend, dispute inter-, mutual window, pane grass, weeds increase, add side, lean breath, respiration bundle, sheaf quick, fast continue, series exist, suppose other, another plump, thick strike, hit vis-a-vis, opposite 退retreat, withdraw home, house accomplished, reach simple, one grope, search severance, decline grade, steps discuss, talk price, cost shame, dishonor placement, put slow, late 調tune, tone place on the head, receive straightaway, honesty chase, drive away pain, hurt determine, fix courtyard, garden extent, degree suitable, occasional spot, point transmit, go along on foot, junior transit, ford ascend, climb up route, way metropolis, capital toil, diligent angry, be offended overthrow, fall throw, discard steal, rob hit, right etc., and so forth arrival, proceed escape, flee head, counter for large animals work, (kokuji) gain, get stab, protruding inside, within difficult, impossible responsibility, duty acknowledge, witness cat heat, temperature wish, sense ability, talent rend, rip horse (radical 187) failure, defeat counter for cupfuls, wine glass stature, height distribute, spouse box, chest hair of the head slip out, extract judgement, signature anti- crime, sin nightfall, night turn, number in a series negate, no he, that grieve, sad exhausted, tire expense, cost mistake, negative fly (radical 183) equip, provision beauty, beautiful invariably, certain surface, table poverty, poor adhere, attach husband, man lady, woman wealth, enrich dreadful, be frightened floating, float defeat, negative dance, flit section, bureau blessing, fortune abdomen, belly pay, clear out even, flat closed, shut rice (radical 119) unusual, change return, answer 便convenience, facility catch, capture report, news embrace, hug set free, release method, law call on, visit deceased, the late forget busy, occupied ambition, full moon end, close full, fullness un-, not yet people, nation sleep, die task, duties dream, vision daughter, girl fate, command astray, be perplexed chirp, cry mask, face (radical 176) re-, return duty, war promise, approximately medicine, chemical tenderness, excel wherefore, a reason play beforehand, previous too much, myself bestow, participate in contain, form Esq., way leaf, plane need, main point sunshine, yang principle longing, covetousness trust, request fall, drop profit, advantage current, a sink detain, fasten both, old Japanese coin good, pleasing sort, kind example, custom cool, cold (beer salute, bow file, row take along, lead path, route labor, thank for old age, grow old argument, discourse harmony, Japanese style kill, slaughter class, group spirit happiness