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JLPT N1 kanji list

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 kanji group. Click on the kanji for more information.

As of 2010, there is no official JLPT kanji list. This list is compiled from the pre-2010 official JLPT 1 list.

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Asia, rank next Africa, flatter pathetic, grief hollyhock madder, red dye grip, hold kindness, moisten rising sun, morning sun catalpa tree, woodblock printing handle, entertain brilliant fabric design design, figured cloth freshwater trout, smelt plan, suggestion apricot Italy, that one intimidate, dignity military officer, jailer consider, reflect consolation, amusement do, change uncommon, different fiber, tie horizontal, woof bequeath, leave behind well, well crib sign of the hog, 9-11PM cultural progress, perfume seashore, beach one (in documents) deviate, idleness rice plant potato license, sincerity matrimony, marry descendent, issue shade, yin conceal, hide rhyme, elegance sign of the hare or rabbit, fourth sign of Chinese zodiac sign of the ox or cow, 1-3AM whirlpool, eddy song, ballad bay, creek intelligence, imperial shadow, silhouette sparkle of jewelry, crystal defense, protection recitation, poem epidemic benefit, gain ecstasy, joy audience, audience (with king) review, inspection banquet, feast abet, help 沿run alongside, follow along inflammation, flame monkey affinity, relation glossy, luster garden, farm lead at, in concave, hollow journey, travel apply, answer flourishing, successful assault, hit venerable old man open sea, offing recollection, think the latter, duplicate wholesale grace, kindness calm, quiet sham, temporary nursing, attending value, price excellent, beautiful applaud, praise marry into, bride widow, minority spare time, rest erect, frame calamity, misfortune earnings, work counter for articles eggplant splendor, flower be hazy, grow dim mosquito ego, I bud, sprout congratulations, joy gracious, elegant starve, hungry clod, lump demolition, break suspicious, mystery repent, regret pocket, feelings commandment kidnap, falsify charging ahead of others victory song censure, criminal investigation rue, be sad outline, condition horizon, shore boulevard, street above-stated, the said fragrant, balmy hedge, fence menacing, dignity broaden, extend nucleus, core husk, nut shell seize, get harvest, reap contrast, compare enclosure, quarters tower, tall building isolate, alternate point, peak lagoon hoarse, scold fasten, tie up thirst, dry up slippery, slide brown, woollen kimono control, wedge moreover, also grant, answer birch, dark red stocks, stump sickle, scythe miscanthus reed reap, cut strong, just crown, best intuition, perception persuade, recommend yell, cry withstand, endure tolerant, leniency tree trunk remorse, regret daring, brave coffin, casket goodwill, article delight, joy ring, circle oversee, official watch over, see slacken, loosen liver, pluck warship smiling, reed used to cover tatami pierce, 8 1/3lbs send back, return specimen, take warning from leisure collapse, fall into rock, crag eyeball stubborn, foolish undertake, scheme deed, skill utensil, vessel fundamentals, radical (chem) strange, strangeness glad, pleased branch off, fork in road mourning, abhor brandish, wave national flag, banner previously, already chess piece, Japanese chess abandon, throw away strong vapor, steam rare, phenomenal chronicle, account precious, value rut, wheel radiance, shine hungry, starve equestrian, riding on horses ghost, devil (radical 194) tortoise, turtle falsehood, lie ceremony, rule best regards, good frolic, play mimic, aim (a gun) at deceit, cheat sacrifice righteousness, justice friendship, intimacy chrysanthemum ball good luck, joy mandarin orange instead, on the contrary skids, leg tyrannize, oppress hill, knoll reach out, exert Shinto shrine, constellations bow, archery bow salvation, save decay, rot cry, weep hard up, destitute class, rank twist, ask repel, refuse foothold, based on raise, plan void, emptiness long-distance, spur pass through, go smoothly enjoy, receive villain, evil correct, save high, boasting gorge, ravine respect, reverent lunatic, insane cramped, narrow rectify, straighten threaten, coerce entertain, revive home town, village mirror, speculum echo, sound wonder, be surprised face-up, look up congeal, freeze high, far daybreak, dawn paulownia brocade, fine dress axe, 1.32 lb take pleasure in, rejoice respect, revere harp, koto muscle, sinew tense, solid parsley germ, fungus neck, collar discreet, reverently versify, singing phrase, clause beautiful black jewel, nine drive, run pony, horse foolish, folly fear, uneasiness meet, encounter yield, bend bear chestnut winding, reel mulberry meritorious deed, merit send forth fragrance, fragrant county, district a coarse camlet punish, penalty disclose, open square jewel, corner pledge, promise diameter, path favor, blessing jubilation, congratulate wise recess, rest put up (a notice), put up portable, carry (in hand) Japanese Judas-tree, cinnamon tree mountain stream, valley lineage, system inherit, succeed stalk, stem lightning-bug, firefly chicken whale beat, attack violent, get excited greatness, excellence undefiled, pure hole, aperture tie, bind frugal, economy healthy, health concurrently, and sabre, sword sphere, circle strict, hard dislike, detest constitution, law state of suspension, hang fist examination, investigate offering, counter for drinks silk self-effacing, humble oneself dispatch, despatch appear, existing stern, strictness phantasm, vision bowstring, chord source, origin mysterious, occultness string, cord orphan, alone self (radical 49) arc, arch happenstance, especially barbarian, foreign tiger, drunkard boast, be proud look back, review drum, beat five, five-man squad give, do something for recreation, pleasure enlightenment, perceive Chinese parasol tree, phoenix tree ancestral offering receptacle, coral Go safeguard, protect carp marquis, lord happiness, luck achievement, merits empress, queen pit, hole cavity, hole wide, large adroit, skilled ease, peace vast, broad constancy, always confront, resist arrest, seize withdraw, draw in aggression, attack rise clear creek, inlet deluge, flood wide expanse, abundance gutter, ditch armor, high (voice) emperor 稿draft, copy large strangle, constrict hawser, class (genus) equilibrium, measuring rod tribute, support subscription, buy fermentation steel paragraph, nape of neck large bird, wild goose sturdy, strength torture, beat overpowering, great overcome, kindly cereals, grain cruel, severe prison, jail ground-breaking, open up farmland regret, bear a grudge sociable, kind descendants, elder brother dark blue, navy soul, spirit assistant, help tempt, seduce steep, craggy sand polish, brilliant white luster of a gem lie, falsehood chain, irons Buddhist surplice bond, loan sponsor, hold (a meeting) how, what superintend, manager coloring, paint plantation, planting disaster, calamity dice, form smash, break purification, Buddhist food tailor, judge ride, board dose, medicine be clear, serene promontory, cape plane, sharpen squeeze conjunction (astronomy), first day of month scheme, plan cord, rope confused, mix cherry bamboo grass, (kokuji) snapshot, take pictures grate, rub swamp, shore umbrella wretched, disaster scaffold, cleat brilliant silkworm acid, bitterness temporarily, a while director, official heir, succeed gentleman, samurai 姿figure, form intention, plan give, bestow delicious, relish family name, surname welfare, happiness purple, violet limb, arms & legs climax, result in inspection, regard as poem, poetry consult with grant, gift feminine, female domesticate, raise waiter, samurai mercy nourishing, more & more you, thou magnet, porcelain sow (seeds) eventide, tide 鹿deer (radical 198) axis, pivot tenacious, take hold lacquer, varnish rapidly recollect, remember turf, lawn cottage, inn shoot, shine into pardon, forgiveness diagonal, slanting boil, cook gauze, gossamer apologize, thank intercept, interrupt snake, serpent wicked, injustice ladle, one tenth of a go shaku, Japanese foot baron, peerage bar-tending, serving sake explanation loneliness, quietly vermilion, cinnabar particularly, especially hunt, raid pearl, gem purport, gist Confucian impart, instruct timber, trees demand, request captured, criminal religion, sect concerning, settle discipline, conduct oneself well distress, grieve continent, sandbar excel, excellence stinking, ill-smelling masses, great numbers attack, advance on repay, reward ugly, unclean allot, fill accompany, obey soup, juice astringent, hesitate animal, beast vertical, length gun, arms uncle, youth graceful, gentle shrink, contract solemn, quietly cram school, private school mellow, ripen sagacious, genius high, steep wink, blink end, finish type of morning glory, rose of Sharon 駿a good horse, speed quasi-, semi- sequential, follow decameron, ten-day period martyrdom, follow by resigning pure wet, be watered shield, escutcheon patrol, go around abide by, follow sultry, hot dawn, daybreak strand, beach commoner, all confer, relate preface, beginning gradually, slowly excuse, tolerate wound, hurt reparation, make up for artisan, workman measuring box, 1.8 liter chant, recite exhort, urge wee hours, evening esteem, furthermore level, in the country patent, clear extract, selection manipulate, rule victory, fast prosperous, bright shining, bright sparkle, clear pine tree treetops, twig marsh, lake ford, go cross char, hurry symptoms, illness nitrate, saltpeter reef, sunken rock auspicious, happiness appellation, praise resemblance iris banana, plantain collide, brunt sue, accuse evidence, proof imperial edict detailed, full bell, gong hinder, hurt help superfluous, uselessness surplus, besides lot, earth lass, girl article, clause clean, purify good crops, prosperity defer, turnover brew, cause lock, fetters entrust, request decorate, ornament augment, increase weave, fabric embarrass, humiliate encroach, invade lips with child, pregnancy hearing, judge humility, be careful shake, wave advance hazelnut, filbert immersed, soak Manchu dynasty, name given to naturalized foreigners sire, good belt fuel, firewood checkup, seeing humanity, virtue blade, sword inquire, fathom tremendously, very exhaust, use up swift, fast camp, battle array ought, by all means vinegar, sour droop, suspend commander, leading troops conjecture, infer cook, boil drowsy, sleep chic, style green, kingfisher decline, wane consummate, accomplish drunk, feel sick weight, plumb bob follow, though congratulations marrow, pith adore, respect be aggravated, grow worse hinge, pivot chick, squab set, lay a foundation cedar, cryptomeria lucidity, be clear measurement, tenth of a shaku rapids, current furrow, thirty tsubo just so, this subjugate, attack the rebellious organize, arranging animal sacrifice, offering boom, prosper holy, saint made in..., manufacture sincerity, admonish vow, swear solicit, invite departed, die adjusted, alike pity, be sparing of reject, retreat chop, divide large, great bungling, clumsy vicarious, surrogate stealth, steal node, season tongue (radical 135) hermit, wizard proclaim, say fan, folding fan plug, bolt dye, color submerge, conceal rotation, go around slender, fine recommend, mat tread, step on transition, move coin, .01 yen pig iron fresh, vivid virtuous, good steadily, gradually advancing Zen, silent meditation darning, repair model, molding set aside, give up alienate, rough cornerstone, foundation stone tariff, crop tax coarse, rough elementary, principle accusation, sue thwart, separate from Buddhist priest, monk genesis, wound godown, warehouse miss, mourning robust, manhood play music, speak to a ruler refreshing, bracing all insert, put in maneuver, manipulate office, official nest, rookery vat, tub rule, synthesize wise, fast learner villa, inn interment, bury blue, pale seaweed, duckweed encounter, meet frost boisterous, make noise stimulate, urge instant, namely vulgar, customs belong, genus burglar, rebel washing, sieving degenerate, descend to gentle, peace lazy, laziness burdensome, pack horse -proof, enduring neglect, laziness attitude, condition peaceful, calm stagnate, be delayed womb, uterus apprehend, chase regiment, party blackened eyebrows sea bream, red snapper No., residence hawk waterfall, rapids eminent, table peck, pick up choose, select clear (the land), open swamp, marsh polish consign, requesting voiced, uncleanness consent, assent only, free however, but sign of the dragon, 7-9AM rob, take by force undress, removing southeast shelf, ledge rust-colored, red sigh, lament daybreak, dawn thin, faint edge, origin gall bladder, courage nativity, be born forge, discipline podium, stage bullet, twang warmth cedar, sandlewood wisdom, intellect stupid, foolish immature, young doth, do amass, raise pursue, drive away regularity, salary plug up, obstruct legitimate wife, direct descent (non-bastard) mid-air, air loyalty, fidelity pluck, pull inmost, heart casting, mint boar street, ward notebook, account book condolences, mourning lengthen, counter for bows & stringed instruments carve, engrave indications, sign penal, chastise challenge, contend for stretch tide, salt water stare, watch listen, headstrong dilate, distend intestines, guts butterfly hop, leap up imperial order majestic plural, imperial we fare, fee tranquilize, ancient peace-preservation centers exhibit, state haven, port crash, fall (down) chinquapin, mallet hillock, mound Zelkova tree pickling, soak vine, ivy 椿camellia two-mat area, approx. thirty-six sq ft pongee (a knotted silk cloth) angling, fish crane, stork pavilion, restaurant spy upright, chastity display, offer dike, bank sovereign, the emperor courts, imperial court serving our elders resist, reach propose, take along happiness, blessed tighten, tie rowboat, small boat revise, correct relay, in turn residence, mansion pinch, pick enemy, foe flute, clarinet philosophy, clear penetrate, clear remove, withdraw transfer, alternation code, ceremony unfold, expand annexed, accompany spit, vomit Big Dipper, ten sho (vol) woods, grove guy, slave sword, saber lament, grieve over board, load (a vehicle) peach ridgepole, ridge pox, smallpox sugar overall, relationship wisteria chastise, attack mimeograph, copy bean (radical 151) step, trample transparent, permeate pottery, porcelain leaping up, jumping up fight, war yearn after, long for den, cave pupil (of eye) trunk, torso mountain peak, mountain pass hide, shelter benevolence, virtue coach, command fervent, kind single, alone convex, beetle brow sign of the tiger, 3-5AM west, bird barracks, police station sincere, kind industry, kindliness pork, pig Nara, what? what? lull, calm press, print straw rope, cord camphor tree nun II, two rainbow likeness, like 尿urine pregnancy endure, bear rather, preferably sticky, glutinous from, possessive particle of, this settlement, obtain comma-design grasp, faggot hegemony, supremacy faction, group old woman, grandma haiku, actor abolish, obsolete repudiate, exclude lungs comrade, fellow cultivate, foster mediator, go-between plum compensation, indemnify obeisance, follow bush clover chief, count Dr., command clap, beat (music) liner, ship urge, force vague, obscure truss, arrest beginning bowl, rice tub fell, strike penalty, punishment clique, lineage pigeon, dove falcon consort, accompany sail conveyor, carry squad, corps paddy ridge, levee luxuriant, thick clan, enclosure pattern, example anxiety, trouble distribute, disseminate tray, shallow bowl barbarian lowly, base queen, princess front door, title page criticism, strike expose, open beautiful, patterned ooze, flow tombstone, monument secret, conceal scarlet, cardinal quit, stop fertilizer, get fat evade, avoid tail, end delicate, minuteness eyebrow holly lad, boy (ancient) princess beautiful woman, princess bag, bale spotted, mottled signpost, seal drift, float (on liquid) ballot, label evaluate, criticism sketch, compose seedling, sapling refined, gentle seacoast, beach V.I.P., guest repeatedly, recur cleverness, agile aid, help spread, pave rot, decay lotus, Mt Fuji musical score, music levy, ode proceed, get affixed, attach scorn, despise maple butterbur, bog rhubarb prostrated, bend down capsize, cover erupt, spout tomb, mound aroused, resent stirred up, be invigorated distract, be mistaken for atmosphere, fog third class, 3rd join, get together fence, wall cash, bad habit abuse, evil design, pattern highness, steps (of throne) wall, lining (stomach) mannerism, habit blue, green partial, side everywhere, times valve, petal protect, guarantee shop, store for the first time, not until help ear, ear (grain) grave, tomb pining, yearn for 簿register, record book emulate, imitate stipend, salary observance, offer summit, peak crumble, die companion, friend bubbles, foam cannon, gun sew, stitch placenta, sac perfume, balmy show symptoms of, sprout praise, extol home country, country sated, tired of male mythical bird phoenix destitution, scarce bystander, side divide disturb, prevent tassel, tuft so-and-so, one risk, face spinning obese, fat swell, get fat conspire, cheat me, I (male) black ink, India ink slap, strike crude, simple breed, care for intimate, friendly drown, sink ditch, moat run, bustle flip, turn over commonplace, ordinary basin, lantern festival chafe, rub witch, demon hemp, flax (radical 200) twig, ornamental evergreen curtain, bunting membrane straight grain, spindle tree also, again or again, furthermore rub, paint cocoon 麿I, you ridicule, laziness cartoon, involuntarily fascination, charm sign of the snake or serpent, 9-11AM headland, cape secrecy, density (pop) harvest, ripen vein, pulse exquisite, strange halberd, arms fog, mist type of deciduous tree, grey starling 婿bridegroom, son-in-law alliance, oath inscription, signature (of artisan) destroy, ruin excuse, dismissal imitation, copy overgrown, grow thick delusion, unnecessarily chief, beginning fierce, rave blind, blind man netting, network decrease silence, become silent family crest, figures monme, 3.75 grams to be (classical) melting, smelting question mark all the more, increasingly arrow (radical 111) unlucky, misfortune translate, reason leap, dance peaceful willow pleasure, happy healing, cure rebuke, admonish solely, only help, assist soothe, calm seclude, confine to a room permanence, distant melancholy, grieve citron boil, ferment furthermore, still help abundant, rich entice, lead village, rural community masculine, male dissolve, melt reputation, praise commonplace, ordinary raise, elevate swing, shake hug, embrace willow kiln, oven sheep (radical 123) 耀shine, sparkle lotus song, sing far off, distant foster, bring up repress, well wing, plane gauze, thin silk naked, nude thunder, lightning bolt dairy products, whey storm, tempest column, handrail excessive, overflow indigo orchid, Holland perusal, see officer, an official perform, complete plum pear tree glassy, lapis lazuli diarrhea detach, separation ratio, rate precious stone, gem sulphur hump, high dragon, imperial prudence, thought captive, barbarian clear, help colleague, official endure, keep (rain)out dormitory, hostel game-hunting, shooting clear angle, edge provisions, food fact, reality distant mausoleum, imperial tomb ethics, companion rin, 1/10 sen jewel, tinkling of jewelry look to, face neighboring Chinese unicorn, genius lapis lazuli bases, fort accumulate, involvement actor encourage, be diligent peak, summit wise sound of jewels small bell, buzzer slave, servant spirits, soul lovely, beautiful calendar, almanac inferiority, be inferior to ardent, violent split, rend bargain, reason lotus tempering, refine spine, backbone hearth, furnace dew, tears corridor, hall melodious, clear watchtower, lookout wandering, waves leak, escape son, counter for sons fief, allowance Yamato, ancient Japan bribe, board beguile, delusion frame, framework span, range urge to eat strong star, god of literature mountains towering in a row comet the Pleiades late, quiet morning, early clear shine, light bookmark, guidebook coconut tree burr, ball sparkling water alike, truth deep and broad gargle, rinse mouth water route, shipping channel burn, bonfire shine beautiful as a jewel white, clear pupil of the eye a reed instrument figured cloth, beautiful thread, silk cloth soar, fly dried meat jasmine jasmine the violet consult with tedious strong and brave edify, way eulogy sudden, quick dark, black cold, strict bright, sunny railing, balustrade corridor, porch clear, bright capture, imprison prosperous, plentiful cemetery, tomb pig good luck